1. Hemp has so many uses! Environmentally, it is much better than some industries it would be replacing, like the destruction of our forests, and plastics. I'm all for it!

  2. They aren't growing hemp. Hemp has no the and is a crop grown outside. They are growing cannabis. Hemp is grown for everything from clothing to plastic. You can build a house or a car with hemp products. This indoor cannabis growing is for the THC and CBD.

  3. Monopoly keeps you out, not them drop dead keep begging for scraps. Not my concern don’t mess with it, you’ll get cut out they will get richer. Funny no colored folks or middle class of any color?

  4. You have to be a big money baller to be around this round table.. the money should be in education.. this is not nice!
    Let's see if I get silenced from FL my home state again!

  5. I enjoyed the video! I have been trying to find for an insightful YouTube video that teaches everything in this vid! 🩺Your breakdown reminds me of the vids of Dr Ethan. Dr's demonstrations are totally knowledgable and I learned a lot for my wellness!

    You should really check out his YT out and give the Dr a subscribe over here! 👉 #DrEthanOnYouTube

  6. my fridge also says so…🤤

    the state needs money….LOL.
    they dont care no more about abolishing it like henry anslingers agenda did back then i guess,the greed for money stayed the same.

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