A Complete Guide on When to Harvest Hemp

A scientific look on when you should harvest your medicinal hemp plants by looking at the flowering cycle week by week for plant size, trichome development, and lab results.

Previous video on testing the CBD Content of a medicinal hemp grow, week by week:


  1. Awesome video thank you so much for this very informative. It helps so much to know what you are looking for.

  2. Good video, but it's a bit difficult to take the producer serious with that burple lighting early in the video. No serious grower uses burple lighting.

  3. Inexperienced grower question.
    I wonder why growers don't chop main colas at 10% to 15% amber trichomes, then let the lower bud sites go another week under the lights? With increased light penetration, it seems logically beneficial, no?

  4. That was a great video keep it 💯 all the time I've learned some different things from you over the years thank you

  5. Wouldnt this harvest be too late if you want a energetic sativa?

    I read that the more amber colour the more sleepy the end product?

  6. The strain usually comes with information by the seed seller, at the peak of 19% in the lab test did the strain Information on sellers page say 19% for the strain or did it claim 22% ect but only got 19% at max, I'd love to know if a 30% claim on the page would mean it's max might only get to 25% at peak. Also by 6% each week I'm presuming that means on a 19% strain each week you lose 1.14%

  7. Came across this channel loving it. But have a question with the go box. It says hydroponic on it can I still use it on outdoor plants?

  8. Hey brotha, was wondering if youve been using the auto seeds you showed in some past videos? and if so, any problems of hermies?

  9. Ok a week in to flowering stage, how long did you let it vegetate? How old is the plant at a week into flowering?

  10. Why do you cut a top off every week?? Wouldn’t that set back trichome development or just development period?

    So much ♥️ from Canada 🇨🇦

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