A Stunning Small Home Made From Hemp

Hemp is a building material like no other. It has incredible thermal properties, is environmentally friendly, rat and insect proof, fire and earthquake resistant and is an affordable way to build. Plus, the end result looks amazing!

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After loosing her father to mesothelioma (a cancer caused through exposure to asbestos), Tiffany studied building biology, and together with her husband Michael, set about finding healthy ways of constructing a non-toxic small home for their young family.

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The result is the Skyfarm. An amazing small home made from hempcrete, together with lots of salvaged and reclaimed materials. Be sure to watch the full video to find out how it was constructed, and all about the incredible building material that is hemp!

Check out the Balanced Earth Website for more information on building with hemp:

Additional hempcrete build footage filmed by: Keita Ikawa

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  1. Just wondering if hempcrete, and the render on the inside walls would survive being towed, as per a tiny house on wheels. Would it crack? Great video – thank you!!

  2. what do you do with your waste on the property? I'm not familiar with the climate in that part of Australia do you ever need heat I imagine the house being so open would be very cool. The fact that you are up off the ground with the house I know this is a limitation of Hemp construction. But you living in an Australia home to 90 of the most 100 dangerous animals, lol. Do you have any problems out there with creepy crawlies, or rats/mice or the paralysis ticks? I like how you mentioned all the folks that helped you in the build. I'm not really into the whole save the planet movement but I do try to do my best with recycling among other things. but I live in NEPAm, in the states, and something to tame these winters, would be a great idea, for a different building material. I think, other than aesthetics, wood should be almost obsolete, for building houses and some form of concrete should be used, hell, you can stamp it, and color it, to look like wood if you want. Plus from a strategic standpoint it's the best. And as to you comment about health so many houses here have radon, mold, however, asbestos has been removed, almost totally here where I live, except some of the houses, have it for siding, because we have row homes(a bunch of connected houses like condo, but very cheaply built) and at least 1 time a year, there is a whole block of houses that burns down. So, at the time, the asbestos, was cheap and the health effects weren't known, and you can literally put a propane torch on it, and it wont light. That's why I like the hempcrete idea, it's fireproof or close to it. And the asbestos now, is only located outside. We actually, had old house here, where they mixed horsehair plaster, with grounded up pasted binding agent made from asbestos, for the inside walls. So as you can imagine there is mesothelioma here in vast quantities also. But cool video…..

  3. Beautiful home and so open. Loved the various woods especially the pieces that were built into the wall in the kitchen as that could my eye immediately. Thank you for showing this property.

  4. What a beautiful way to honor your father by allowing him to live on in you and your family in a healthy home. I have taken care of folks with mesothelioma as a nurse and know how difficult it i to watch your loved one struggle to live with it. Sorry for your loss.

  5. Bryce was smiling all the way. So happy and proud.
    I was smiling too whilst watching this video.
    We hope to be able to grow hemp here, but it is still not allowed.
    Today, is 8th November 2021.

    Bryce, please make more videos like this. Hopefully you can make a video of traditional homes of other nations/countries, that use local, organic building materials.
    African homes for example. Thank you for this video!

  6. Your channel's logo is so simliar to how hemp is depicted in Chinese 麻 where 广 is the home with roof, and 林 is the racks of hemp drying inside…

  7. Wow I didn't know. I have a bra that is a mixture of hemp and buckwheat. It's my favorite bra. It breathable. Any way this home is just pretty and very honey. It's belongs in that property. It fits so perfectly. Now only if hemp becomes a major building material around the world you know like the states. Every thing gets band here dir some reason it another. Hemp lotion smells so good. It's about the only hemp thing that is legal here that I know of. I also live how the home breaths and grounds polutans and keeps moisture out insulates very well and easy to build.

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