1. Bro, people are saying budget joji, brakence has some much fucking production in his music if you don't like the songs you at least have to appreciate the effort put in, no one is a match when it comes to this style of song

  2. i hate his chat bro… literally a bunch of talented musicians go into there and they all get hated on by hus chat but rhe rest of the world likes it. all they like is mainstream pop rap beats

  3. It doesn’t surprise me Mr Mantano has one of the most closed minded chats in all of twitch. Believe it or not there is music out there I don’t like but I can easily get identify when someone has talent. Or someone who has the talent of producing something original.

  4. I think people forget that Brakence is not only a singer but also a producer. Learning that about him gives me a whole new level of respect even if I don’t some of his more generic tracks. This track is insane though, people saying “dollar store joji” as if Brakence doesn’t have a standout style and he didn’t birth half of the hyperpop artists they listen to know. Glaive would be nothing without Brakence.

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