Benefits of Hemp Seeds

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Today I am training on the benefits of hemp seeds and how to use them on a regular basis. Just 3 tablespoons of hemp seeds contains 10 grams of protein and 3,000 mg of Omega-3 fatty acids. Hemp can be healthier than chia and flax and is one of nature’s #1 super foods.

Nutritional Profile of Hemp Seeds:
• Protein – 10 grams of protein
• Healthy fats – Omega-3 fatty acid in an ideal ratio for your body to help reduce inflammation
• Fiber – No regular carbs or sugar
• 50% daily value of magnesium which helps to relax muscles and improve digestion
• 50% daily value of phosphorus
• 25% daily value of zinc

Benefits of Hemp Seeds:
• Supports fat loss and cleansing your colon
• Positively benefits blood sugar issues or diabetes
• Increases muscle building and strengthen bones
• Positively impacts Issues with sleeping, depression or anxiety

Uses of Hemp Seeds:
• Every morning consume a superfood smoothie
-1 cup of berries, coconut milk, collagen or protein powder and 3 tbsp of hemp seeds
• Organic yogurt or kefir with raw honey and hemp seeds on top
• Baking – Breading chicken or fish with hemp seeds

Hemp seeds are a nutritional powerhouse and one of nature’s #1 super foods with 10 grams of protein in just 3 tablespoons.

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  1. im drinking a loose leaf tea fr anxiety that its supposed to give you nutrients you lack like iron and magnesium, I also ordered sea moss which is supposed to be high in iron as well, I also eat hemp seeds on my lunch, is this too much all together?


    I came forwards with how GOLD and PLATINUM were created to 'prove' my brain injury is being restored with THC so earth can be restored by growing HEMP.

    How else could a 5.5 TBI patient do this ?

    Growing HEMP will restore the 'soil', will restore the 'atmosphere'.

    Will create BIO-DEGRADABLE plastics.

    This is the only way I can get this message out; HEMP plastics is the future for earth.


    I wrecked my Harley not wearing my helmet that stopped my heart 3 times, crushed my chest breaking all my ribs multiple times puncturing both lungs, put me into an 87 day coma waking with a 5.5 brain injury requiring relearning life. Once returning home I tried having my doctor do an MRI of my brain to compare to my wreck. He refused telling me that BIG PHARMA will financially destroy any doctor that proves THC restores brain injuries.

    This upset me so much that I taught myself MOLECULAR SCIENCE and went to the gold shop in KALISPELL MONTANA showing JB how copper transitioned into gold. This got me kicked out and he told 'city council' that I am making FOOLS GOLD from copper pass tests

    Boiling water proves that 'heat' excites MOLECULES allowing ATOMS to escape.

    This is how copper transitions into GOLD and nickel into PLATINUM.

    Earth must be restored by growing HEMP world wide.


    Copper is 179 atoms and melts at around 1400F to 1800F.. You must bring it to a 'boil' that will be at 3500F but the 'oxygen' atom must never make contact or will explode burning on contact. In 72 to 100 hours, 100 atoms will boil out and melted BORAX will absorb them leaving 79 atoms that is GOLD.

  3. What about hemp hearts, CBD oil, CB2 oil? Can these help weight loss with their other benefits and without THC? I want to lose weight, not get high. Never done it and never want to. So far, I've lost 32 pounds going from diet to diet. But it's taking too long. I'm struggling with hypothyroidism. Please give me some answers on this. I need to lose 100 more pounds to get back to my normal again. Great video.

  4. I was eating oatmeal with chia seeds and hemp seeds and the more he talked about it the faster I was consuming hahah like “get in my belly!”😂😂

  5. its got copious amounts of Iron too. Not sure why that was not mentioned (while magnesium is an important mineral I think its second to how important iron is for the body to function optimally)

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