Bring Hemp Home | Colorado

In Colorado’s San Luis Valley, worsening drought is causing farmers to face the prospect of losing their livelihoods. Two potato and barley farmers are placing their bets on a drought-tolerant crop—industrial hemp.

Shannon Wright and his son-in-law Dion Oakes share a common dream: to pass their generational farm down to their kids and grandkids. But rising equipment and land expenses—combined with drought—are turning this dream to dust, one harvest at a time. When the 2018 Farm Bill made it legal to grow industrial hemp in most states, Wright and Oakes figured it was worth looking into. They quickly learned that hemp cultivation comes with its own set of challenges, largely because the knowledge, techniques and infrastructure around a once thriving US hemp industry have been lost due to decades of the plant’s criminalization.

Last year, Patagonia Workwear connected Wright and Oakes with soil scientists from Colorado State University, the Governor of Colorado and our current hemp supplier from China. Bring Hemp Home: Colorado follows this partnership as we work toward yet another common dream: to restore a US hemp industry that promotes soil health and keeps farmers on the land.




  1. Patagonias marketing is so powerful because it actually delivers what it says. Most people want a better planet to live on… but so very few companies actually care or even think about their impact on the climate. Patagonia are leading the way with this and that’s why I’m never buying from another brand again.

  2. This has been on my mind. Thinking a lot of how expensive building materials have become since COVID. Remembering how Henry Ford intended to build his Model T with a type of molded hemp. There’s so many uses. Hemp bricks for building homes. Clothing. Food supplement. Clothing, paper.

  3. monoculture farms need to stop doing monoculture and they wouldn't necessarily need hemp (they never loved cannabis before this) and YES this is exactly like cotton smh. Where were the farmers in the 70's when the hippies were arrested for growing pot?

  4. Yet, government continues to grow. Time to take the reins back from big brother. government is the biggest obstacle to wealth and prosperity in the US. It is now easier to do business elsewhere.

  5. Can't have people making money…big corp taking over until they buy all the land and gets ready then they will pass the hemp bill just for big corps to profits over little farmers

  6. "Somehow we got off track." Yeah the cotton industry didn't want competition so they lobbied the worlds politicians to make hemp illegal because you can get high on the female flower. The United States used anti-mexican propaganda to push the agenda. They actually called the "Mexican Marijuana Problem." The word "Marijuana" was created to make it sound like a drug like Heroin. It was our politicians and corporations who took us off track. They still are.

  7. don't sell this!
    Any type of farming is detrimental without the full measurement, Colorado (river) will run dry soon and the water isn't cheap already you water isn't yours!

  8. Lets go!!! Finally! Plastic revolution here we come. These boys dont know the goldmine they just started. Gonna revolutionize the porudction industry. U can make just about everything with hemp

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