1. The only part of this that I can't choke down is the CO2 garbage.  Just do a little research and learn about the time of plenty.  The CO2 at that time was approx. 4%.
    Now the CO2 levels are below 1%, well below 1%.  I hope people can sooner or later figure out that they are being lied to.
    The idea of hempcrete and other alternative building ideas are great in my view.  We really need to change how we build for energy savings as well as material use.
    I plan to use compressed earth blocks for a lot of the same reasons.

  2. Hemp shiv is the only plant material that will petrify when mixed with a little lime and water, sets up like concrete yet will remain breathable allowing moisture to absorb and escape for hundreds of years.

  3. I wonder if you can help me I am working in India and trying to build a large school building for underprivileged children with a tight budget….. hemp grows everywhere here can it handle extreme rainfall? I will send a more detailed email…. well done and thanks!

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