1. Can I maybe get a hatchet or just something to get started?

    Can I maybe get like a pickaxe err even just like a rock?

    Or like a torch?

    Even like a hemp seed, can I maybe get a hemp seed?

    You know something to get started.

    If you wouldn't mind.

    Excuse me!

    Can I maybe get…

    You don't have anything?

    Could I maybe get like a hemp seed?

    Or maybe just like a kit to start?

    Maybe like uhhh a hatchet er y'know just something to get started?

    Or Maybe like a maybe that sword in your hand can I maybe have… can I have that?

    Can you give me that sword?

    How bout' that?

    Can I have it?



    Can I have that sword.

    Well I mean if you're not gonna give me the sword at least give me your stone hatchet man I mean c'mon don't be a asshole.

    C'mon you don't even need it you're hittin' barrels with the sword.

    Gimme something.

    Or Your stone pickaxe MAN!

    You got somethin' I know you got somethin'

    C'mon man

    Thanks man I appreciate that!

    (hits him in face whilst laughing)

  2. You can tell he has his young voice. Spoon aint spoon without the spoon voice. If I would've started watching him when his voice was this high I would not still be watching him. He grew from a kid into a spoonkid.

  3. A friend of mine has been saying this for the past week while we play games and honestly its the funniest shit ive ever heard, glad he showed me this

  4. Fucking hell I had volume on max so when the guy started speaking it jumped me.

    Real funny tho since I do bait content that uses the same technique

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