1. Can I maybe get a hatchet or just something to get started?

    Can I maybe get like a pickaxe err even just like a rock?

    Or like a torch?

    Even like a hemp seed, can I maybe get a hemp seed?

    You know something to get started.

    If you wouldn't mind.

    Excuse me!

    Can I maybe get…

    You don't have anything?

    Could I maybe get like a hemp seed?

    Or maybe just like a kit to start?

    Maybe like uhhh a hatchet er y'know just something to get started?

    Or Maybe like a maybe that sword in your hand can I maybe have… can I have that?

    Can you give me that sword?

    How bout' that?

    Can I have it?



    Can I have that sword.

    Well I mean if you're not gonna give me the sword at least give me your stone hatchet man I mean c'mon don't be a asshole.

    C'mon you don't even need it you're hittin' barrels with the sword.

    Gimme something.

    Or Your stone pickaxe MAN!

    You got somethin' I know you got somethin'

    C'mon man

    Thanks man I appreciate that!

    (hits him in face whilst laughing)

  2. You can tell he has his young voice. Spoon aint spoon without the spoon voice. If I would've started watching him when his voice was this high I would not still be watching him. He grew from a kid into a spoonkid.

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