Can You Build a House With Hemp? | National Geographic

Growing industrial hemp was illegal in the United States after 1970 because the industrial plant and marijuana were considered to be the same, when in fact they are different varieties of Cannabis. In recent years, some states have changed their laws, allowing farmers to start growing industrial hemp, which is used in everything from clothing to nutritional products to building materials. Oregon grower Cliff Thomason says growing and processing hemp was stymied because it was illegal, but now a knowledge base for best uses can grow, along with the plants. View a hemp home constructed using hempcrete, a building material that advocates claim is mold resistant, breathable, and eco-friendly.
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VIDEOGRAPHERS: Patrick Gilmore and Spencer Macdonald
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EDITOR: Patrick Gilmore

Can You Build a House With Hemp? | National Geographic

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  1. It's now 2020, and Hemp is still not a 'thing'. It's extreme usefulness in replacing so many things we build using trees and petroleum continues to be suppressed and ignored. Tragic.

  2. My hope and prayer is that we see the error of our ways and use the humility gained to notice other errors and false beliefs we hold true and correct our path. Hemp has been outlawed and turned into the enemy whereas the truth seems to be, it can be a most valuable product in so many ways. We humans so often try to kill that which is sent to help us, be it nature or human.

  3. I'm wondering… if the walls bring in moisture but dont mold themselves can they cause mold in the house. Would you need to always run a dehumidifier when it rains???

  4. African countries are so stupid they follow US policies, meanwhile America was literally built on hemp. They built their country with it, strengthened their economy and banned it, and our stupid governments follow. Idiots!!

  5. Yesterday I learned that the DEA is interferring with my importing of hemp hurd to build my house. How could anyone believe that the woody inner core of the hemp stalk is a drug as dangerous as heroine? It is no more ingestible than a hemp rope. Please call your US Senators and Representatives and as them why industrial hemp is classified as a Schedule 1 Controlled Substance. It is time to bust the DEA.

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