CBD and Anxiety

Are you feeling anxious from schoolwork? Using hemp-derived CBD may help. We explain the difference between CBD derived from hemp versus marijuana, how effective the hemp-derived variant treats anxiety, and how you can incorporate CBD into your wellness routine.

Disclaimer! This video does not substitute medical advice, and further research should be done before the participation in any CBD or THC products. Please consult your health professional to learn and understand what may work best for you. If you want to learn more in depth about what long-term research is currently being done surrounding recreational CBD use, the science behind how CBD can be effective, or it’s efficacy; please follow the links below.

This video was made by McMaster students; Vanessa D’Ambrosio, Jia Hui Du, and Jennifer Dang in collaboration with the McMaster Demystifying Medicine Program.

Copyright McMaster University 2021

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  1. "This video does in no way shape or form replace medical advice"
    goes on with what is essentially a drug infomercial
    Ummm, maybe if you actually made an unbiased video, you wouldn't need that disclaimer.
    Also, you kind of lost me at "CBD is one of two compounds found in cannabis". There are at least 144 cannabinoids that have been isolated from cannabis plants.

  2. Cannabis is not "intoxicating" because neither thc, cbd or any of the other cannabinoids are toxic to the body.
    Alcohol is toxic NOT Cannabis
    Nicotine is toxic NOT Cannabis
    Trump is toxic NOT Cannabis

  3. I smoked 3 cbd sticks from a pack and I felt mad relaxed to the point were I couldn't move from my couch high and over relaxed are very different but it sorta felt like thc without the anxiety and constant fear of my grandma finding out im clapped out of my mind

  4. Quit smoking weed maybe 3 months but just got this lazarus cbd tincture and i gotta say it’s pretty good for my generalized anxiety and social anxiety so far. It’s subtle unless you keep dropping then you feel real chill and calm.

  5. If you get hte right stuff it can make such a difference! Started using a THC-free oil from eden's herbals and really cut down on my social anxiety!

  6. CBD has helped my anxiety so much. I had a hard time finding the right product and company after trying countless bottles of CBD oil a friend recommend Eden's Herbals, I would highly recommend them. They have both full spectrum and isolate! Fast free shipping too!!

  7. Americans are so wierd when it comes to health. Why would you start a health related video like a commercial? It made me nauseous.

  8. Try Full Spectrum CBD oil from Portugal! (Leaf boutique Portugal) very good quality and the best price that I have seen ever))) 89,95€ for 30ml / 3000mg. But they sell only in EU

  9. I have anxiety disorder but quite chronic. I have smoked weed (thc) before but stopped when my anxiety started to get bad and led to me having paranoia. I wanna try cbd without feeling high

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  12. CBD had a frightening affect on me. I had the worst experience ever. Very strong side affects including major mood wings, anxiety, and I had no idea what was happening so I was tripping out. I felt like I wasn't even in my own body.

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  15. Could I use CBD for social and general anxiety? I’m a 15 year old and I’m also taking medicine for anxiety but i want to try and get maximum results because my anxiety is still chronic.

  16. My anxiety has gotten worse as I get older. The other day I was playing basketball and had a group of guys ask if I wanted to join them. I said no thanks and immediately stated I had to get going. That’s just an example. I’m tired of feeling this way. Any CBD product recommendations? I also just got this new job and and constant anxiety on the field.

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