CBD Oil 101: Doctor Explains for ABSOLUTE beginners


01:08 What is CBD Oil?
01:27 Hemp vs Marijuana
02:43 What does CBD do?
04:19 CBD as medicine?
04:55 Studies on CBD?
06:27 Is CBD Safe?
06:57 Is CBD Legal?
08:28 Picking a CBD oil? Types of products?
12:13 Checklist for buying CBD
14:00 Best brands
15:04 Make drug screen postive?

CBD in addiction –
CBD in insomnia –
CBD for anxiety –
CBD in depression –
CBD in pain –
CBD to quit smoking –
CBD for Alzheimer’s –

CBD Safety Studies:

Interaction with warfarin:

Interaction with seizure meds:

Kid that accidentally got high off CBD oil that was mislabeled:

FDA Survey of Online CBD products and mislabeling:

MAYO clinic overview of CBD oils (GREAT!)

Study on endocannabinoid system:

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  1. I Like CBS Oil but 1st I must Say Ahhh! That Hit on my Big Dog J hits the Spot every TIME? I recently Lost my Job so the J- Dog Sets me Straightforward🎃🎆🎈🎀🎖

  2. This is the best, clearest, and most understandable explanation of CBD that I have seen so far. This definitely is not the stuff we may have smoked back in the late 60’s-early 70’s. He covered a lot of topics in the space of 15 minutes, and his delivery and the visual aids he used made it clear to even an old guy and confirmed Luddite like me who just got his Florida Medical Marijuana Card for Stage 4 Prostate cancer pain, and is still navigating the mysteries 🔬🧪🧬of which products will work for me. Kudos!

  3. I started taking CBD for severe anxiety and it works incredibly well my mind is clear and relaxed. I'm trying to wean myself off my antidepressants and their withdrawals are horrible my goal is to replace them with CBD.

  4. this is actually not really true. hemp and cannabis are the same thing. the .3% is only how the farms bill operates canal is and hemp. Industrial hemp and canal is are a bit different but a much more accurate description is to talk about types of cannabis,. There is type 1, 2, 3 and maybe more. High the, high CBD/low THC and the other in the middle. Type 2 is the middle I believe and what you call hemp is type 3.

  5. Due to a disc injury years ago, I've had chronic back pain for over 20 years. I see my chiropracter monthly and while it does help, there has always been residual inflammation/pain discomfort. Have been using Full Spectrum CBD oil recently and my discomfort has been greatly reduced. Usually relief comes with 15 minutes. For certain types of pain CBD really works.

  6. I have had 13 spinal surgeries related to a severe auto accident . In 2018 I fell and ruptured the last good disc between my fused vertebrae , the old hardware could not be removed in order to fuse the joint , so , I was prescribed meds that raised my daily intake from 60 morphine equivalent units to 120 . The injury to my right shoulder finally became so bad that I need to have it replaced. No Surgeon in my area will operate on it with my dosage so high that they would not guarantee that they could successfully control my pain afterwards. My Dr. recommended CBD Oil , in 5 weeks I have lowered my opiod level back to 70 , with 60 mg daily the goal . I believe that within 2 months that will be achieved and I can get m shoulder repaired . I am currently taking 15 drops of 30 mg cbd oil every 8 hours , and the only effect other than pain relief and anxiety level I have noticed is being a little drowsier than normal . It works …period !

  7. Thanks I learned a lot from this, I have a nerve pain condition called thalamic pain that no pharmaceutical has been able to treat and I’ve been wondering about trying CBD oil.

  8. I'm just started using cbd for seizures …after years of suffering and no medications working I havent had an event since i begun the oil
    that's got to be a case study showing proof of its benefits

  9. I work at a CBD store and I’m always watching videos to make sure I’m well educated. This is the best one I’ve seen. First time someone has brought up full/broad/isolate and the entourage effect. Awesome job👍

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