CBD Oil vs Hemp Seed Oil – EXPLAINED!

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I breakdown the differences between CBD Oil and Hemp Seed Oil!

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Time Stamps:
0:00 = Background Info
1:12 = Hemp vs Marijuana
1:59 = Source
3:43 = THC
5:09 = Benefits
8:03 = Conclusion


  1. I hope it has plenty of affinity with our human-system . I imagine there's a whole new realm of undiscovered uses coming from the entire plant.

  2. I love Hemp and CBD. I use the lotion. My skin is so dry. It also help my friend with after kemo with his skin too. Do they both have your omega's 3 6 and 9s and fatty acids. I think they both do, wish you mentioned that. Hemp and CBD is one of my favorite ingredients to look for in skin and hair care.

  3. Since you are telling us that they are carrier oils? But tend to be sold in only 1 oz or made 2 oz bottles? How much of a carrier oil are they going to be since you are only going to be able add maybe 5ml at most?

  4. You could talk about carrier oils for CBD. As far as I know CBD is usually mixed with another oil? I only know CBD in terms of oral tinctures for medical use not beard oil.

    My wife takes medical cbd/thc but haven't bought any in awhile because oral products are super expensive in Ontario Canada and usually low dose so lack of proper medical effects.

  5. Silly me, of course hemp SEED Oil is different than CBD. I would assume CBD can also be extracted via heat press method the same way Rosin is extracted from the Cannabis plant.

    Fresh pressed THC rosin is super simple and safe. A typical press can be found for under $500. Grow some CBD buds and press it, see what happens.

    Maybe that will be my next project.


  6. Can you use both oils at the same time?
    Salaam and prayers from a Muslim sister from UK. Loved your style. 👍🏼😊❤️

  7. I have been advised to give my dog cbd oil for her arthritis pain and anxiety. But living in the UK i can only seem to find hemp seed oil in dog form i can not find any cbd for dogs. Cbd oil is legal over here but i can only find cbd for human consumption i can not find any cbd for animals at any pet stores i can only find hemp seed oil for pets. Will hemp seed oil still do the job or should i just go ahead and give my dog human strength cbd oil? Any advice would be much appreciated.

  8. Great info Dan. Hempseed oil and CBD oil thank you for info. I just ordered last night Beard Octane’s Nitro oil and butter combo which is full spectrum CBD. Thank you for all

  9. Hey Dan C! one question does CBD oil with MTC oil as a carrier matter or make any difference, I'm thinking of purchasing some CBD from Industrial Hemp Farms. for my beard.

  10. Ok, so i'm in the military, I just bought a hemp tattoo lotion, it doesn't have thc or cbd, is that allowed in the military? The only ingredient that I can see is relevant is the Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil, so I'm kind of iffy about using this. Its the Malibu Hemp Tattoo Enhancing Body Moisturizer.

  11. Wrong….Marihuana is a tobacco variety and the name Marijuana was incorrectly used by the United States government in a propoganda campaign… You mean Cannabis

  12. A good cbd wash and conditioner made a world of difference with my skin and beard. Helps my extra dry skin and my beard is extremely soft an more manageable than using anything else.

  13. Great video and such good info! So many people buy hemp seed oil on Amazon thinking it's CBD. I did that once then realized it's not the same. Now I buy from Eden's Herbals and it actually works!

  14. I like CBD but don't like the taste. I use the CBD oil from Hempful Farms and mix it with my morning smoothies or juices. Keeps my anxiety low while at work.

  15. Lymphoma survivor here. I've been taking CBD oil for over 3 years and never felt better! and I agree, Hempful Farms has some of the best formula CBD oils on the market and 99% purity!

  16. Hempful Farms is the best company to get full spectrum CBD oil. Beware of the ones you find on Amazon, they don't allow the sale of full spectrum, a lot of products on their are not labeled right.

  17. I was hoping to find out what this cbd beard oil does for your beard compared to just regular beard oil? I like the butter personally. But beard octane just dropped cbd butter so idk what the difference actually is

  18. here in canada we have shops where we can buy weed and cbd its called SQDC , how much you think i should put in my beard oil with the recipes you gve in another video? thanks! for everything man love your videos

  19. I prefer Hemp seed oil over cbd oil, the hemp oil worked very well for my anxiety and cbd oil worsen my panic attacks and caused me to feel more paranoid

  20. Hi. I have polymositis. And I'm looking to try cbd oil. To see if it will help. With giving me more joint comfort.

  21. For the last one month, I take Hemp oil without knowing much benefits from it. But my concern is that Hemp oil contains quite a ratio of 3 : 1 , Omega 6 and Omega 3. I learned that we take much more Omega 6 from the food in general. That means we are taking much more Omega 6 if we take Hemp oil. I am wondering if I should put Hemp oil away from my diet, and stick with Olive oil and MCT oil. I like the taste of Hemp oil thought.

  22. So which oil, hemp or hemp seed produces phenomenal beard growth? I want the OTHER one… as I have no beard! 🤣 Joke aside, thanks for this informative video. 😊👍

  23. This would explain why I'm not getting the results expected with 'hemp seed oil' that I thought was CBD oil.

  24. You can get high,I hate the dentist ,I get the top Cbd oil its freezed -35 with organic ethenol,just the bud is used. I took the whole once before the dentist.The once 3 tablespoons.My dentist accused me smoking weed.I showed her theCbd oil.I cant take pain.Other times I take 2 teaspoons only am not high but ffel ral good no stress at all <sorry miss apelled
    I take

  25. Hi there Dan C, I ´m using CBD since three months. I’m 74 years old and in my twenties I used to smoke grass sporadically. With the years I got some health problems with my back and realized that a little smoke will relax me and made me feel better. The stigma with grass made me careful, I grew up in a country where they would send you to jail for it and used it just when I could without the risk.

    In my early thirties I moved to Switzerland and there it was more or less tolerated and even they tried legalized, and they lost for a small amount of voters. Now you can buy CBD products even with a full spectrum of 0.9 % and recently, 1% of THC. With physiotherapy and stretching exercises everyday I manage to keep active, and I firmly believe, keeps me in good mood an a positive mind through the day. I was never a smoker , tobacco or grass, so this solution works good for me.
    I think that further research will bring relief for millions of people like me, without risking being a law breaking human being in the eyes of the lawmakers. Thanks for your interesting information!

  26. Hey Dan,
    WOW, i'm speechless! Bro. I'm just loving your beard. I can just play😛 in it all day. hehehehe:) and you wear it so well. Thanks for this explanation between the 2 agents. I am hooked on the CBD Coffee. Then there is the Hemp Coffee. But, my favorite is the CBD coffee.😛 I get it on Amazon. Good Stuff! Thanks. Be Good and Peace.😛

  27. I was always curious about the “full spectrum” lingo. This video was very informative and took notch as always

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