Couple builds first house entirely of hemp in Israel



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  2. I wonder how much Palestinian families were ethnically cleansed for being Muslim to make way for these homes.

  3. Now, that is the most intelligent solar energy home that I’ve ever seen during the last 40 years of my studies of this subject. Outstanding accomplishment. May the Almighty Creator of All Things be with you, and gives all in Israel His Shalom. Praise His Name Forever.

  4. too little too late. Rapture is about to happen to the Believers in Jesus Christ. God"s Will be done. Man isn't fixing anything

  5. Congratulations, but who owned the land you built on? A Palestinian you stole the land from??

  6. Communist propaganda, I am for taking care of the earth not putting communism into power and going back to old technology. Everything we do takes oil to make. I work in engineering to know we need oil to make electronic or materials

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