Drying And Curing Medicinal Hemp

A quick guide on the different ways to dry and cure hemp after harvest. Like the content? Then check out The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Creating CBD Products From Scratch guide at

Tools I talk about in the video:

Drip Hanger:
Net Drying Rack:
16oz Mason Jars:
32oz Mason Jars:
Mini Hygrometer:
Boveda Humidity Control 62% Pack:

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  1. You explain things really well, I watch a lot of your videos an love how you go into detail when explaining the hows an why’s to what you do, make it a lot easier to understand the reason for doing it. Iv watched a few other growers an a lot of them lack important parts of information in their videos an don’t really explain into detail about what’s their doing an why their doing it.

  2. My first grow smelt weird smelt like freshly cut grass I don’t know what hay smells like, could be it, but it didn’t smell like what it smelt when I harvested it

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  4. I cut all the branches off of my plants, and I space them evenly over screen doors I removed from my sliding glass door, put something under the door so there are a couple feet off the ground, and have a couple fans going, I do this in my back bedroom and my house is about 69 70°. I feel like it might have dried it a little fast because there is a bit of a hay smell to it. But it seems to have worked very well

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  6. Will definitely be using this for my current RDWC grow. But for now I’ll stay focused on getting to this point! Thanks for the content, one question though will the buds need to be in the dark as they dry or does it not matter anymore?

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