Eco India: In the hills of Uttarakhand, extracting industrial hemp has helped local farmers prosper

Every week, Eco India brings you stories that inspire you to build a cleaner, greener and better tomorrow. Our top story this week is how an organisation is championing extracting non-narcotic hemp, that grows in abundance in the Uttarakhand valley, for industrial use to create local resource-based employment for the vulnerable mountain communities of the Chamoli district


Supervising Producer: Nooshin Mowla

Directors of Photography: Devesh Prajapati, Raju Juneja

Video Editor: Sujit Lad

Script & Field Producer: Tarun Grover

Associate Producer: Shibika Suresh

Executive Producer: Sannuta Raghu


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  1. See the irony, the country responsible for criminalisation of thc ( that is, USA!) is now legalising it in multiple states and the country with the richest variety of cannabis, sattiva ( that is India!), is now not able to reap the fruits. If suppose you eat a plant and feel good without adding any chemical processing to it and has 110+ components that can heal from immune system to longevity, it's meaningless to ban such a godly plant. I wish for the day when India opens it's ignorant eyes and accept this Ayurvedically important gift of natur whole heartedly. From ignorance to awareness, let's march together towards acceptance. Rest for profit government is still selling tobacco and alcohol, no one has any problem with selling cancer. They talk of peace and they sell addiction. Open your eyes now!

  2. CBD k side effects ko marginalize nahi kiya jaa sakta… Bharat k kanoon me iski koi jagh nahi he… Inko medicine me koi bhi darja nahi milna he… Nahi milega!!!!

  3. But medicine should also not advance to such a stage wherein you start behaving like advanced nations… Aap joh soch rahe he… Yaa jiski permission humse chahte he… Natija Sushant k case me pehle hi dekh liya he… Opiods hi industry se jhrle nahi jaate… Ab sutapa k hisaab se medicine industry chalegi… Aap kya samajhte he kyun ab tak isko permission nahi mili… Koi naa koi wajh toh he naa… Opiods k aage medicine nahi jaani chahiye… We are not in this state to permit what Russians want … Sorry… No further discussions over drugs… Mujhse galat chijon ka saath mat expect karna… Already we have seen a lot of headache!!!

  4. As America has legalized cannabis for recreational purposes they looking for plant with heavy amount of thc ,which has helped them to get out of economic crash down in 21th century .it might become legal in india in next decade or next to next decade . sowing low amount of thc plant is going to destroy our own plants . and when it become legal than guys like Dr. chauhan are again going to import high thc seed from other nation ,this is utterly foolish . Why to focus on thc if it can generate same level of products . if it can generate profit than people will automatically stop selling thc products. people will change if they see the profit here ,we don't have kill our indigenous variety to acheive it.

  5. Hemp should be made legal. It was banned in India, Nepal etc because of pressures by western countries. WHO has decriminalized so it is no use of banning it. Make poor rich by utilizing local resources:

  6. Take ur time … Don't import Hemp seeds from USA . ITS 3RD CLASS , will destroy whole biodiversity.
    Remember , in 1960 india import wheat 🌾, is the worst mistake of Indian government.

  7. Sir..but I think the head should be recommending govt. To R&D development on the low intensity seed rather than importing.

    I feel in India we do have the capability and knowledge to create new products, but I suppose the local head Dr needs support. Otherwise it's very easy just import grow and then say we have become largest grower and after few years the foreign policy will tell they have Patten. Now pay for that………

    Come out of the visious cycle sir pls……

  8. Even with the lack of low THC seeds government should legalise it, because High THC content is also useful in pain relief Already those who want to get high already get high on Legal Bhang Shops in the north. This makes no sense because people still have access. Anything illegal is more attractive than legal things. All Mafia will go away if you legalize weed. Extremely serious punishement on serious drugs and complete legalisation of Bhang the traditional medicine is what people want.

  9. A lot of misinformation about Hemp in India and I am not sure why this bias exists. Comparing Hemp to opium is an incorrect argument. The entire industry should be legalized, will only bring positives, as has been observed everywhere else in the world

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