Elden Ring Randomizer RACE vs. CBD, Ainrun, YoJosherino, & Domo

Main YT Channel:

CBD – twitch.tv/itzCBD
Ainrun – twitch.tv/ainrun
Josherino – twitch.tv/yojosherino
Domo – twitch.tv/captain_domo

* This channel is for (mostly) unedited VODs from my Twitch stream! Check my main channel for shorter, edited content. *


  1. That AGDQ going online because of "Florida" thing is crazy. You can literally still wear a mask in Florida if you want, you just can't mandate it or force it on people. And the terminally online reddit spazzes at AGDQ cry and pee themselves over the fact they can't mandate it… lol. Jesus those people need to get out into the real world more.

  2. I have 3 characters I switch between but my main I just reached 100 hours on and I'm in no hurry to beat this game I just bought it at the beginning of August I'm not a big souls like fan and for the most part suck at them but I absolutely love this game granted I play offline because I'm not the best online multiplayer PvP player

  3. Definitely need to edit this into a main channel vid with all the POVs
    Something like "I challenged the BEST Elden Ring speedrunners to a RANDOMIZED race…" or "Elden Ring randomizer but it's a RACE to beat the game…"

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