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0:00 – Minutes of the Meeting
19:37 – Z Review Start


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  1. Hey Grado, no matter how amazing your headphones may sound they will never be in my collection until all of the basic improvements that Zeos mentioned in this review are implemented…
    Thanks Zeos for looking out for us as always…

  2. Grade has their head up their arse….!!!yes grade get rid of the attached cable and the whole crappy build …i buy my “grados” from china their way better ….mine have non attached 3.5mm left and right connections and i have a pair of 400$ metal ones they crap all over your curre not 22products….. my apologies for my attitude ,but make somrething that is 2022 and ill buy it…..

  3. Just cleared my cart I had Hemp in cart ready to check out after watching this review. It is a big nay for me not having a detachable wires.

  4. Grado is a perfect example of EVERYTHING that is wrong with most American companies and why the Chinese are killing us a making better manufactured goods these days. ChiFi companies seem greatly interested what their customers have to say and constantly learn from their suggestions and implement them quickly. Does your new Douk tube amp not have a tone defeat control? Bingo. You now get a tone defeat control. Do you like using 4.4mm balanced along with XRL? Bingo, you now get a 4.4mm balanced jack along with the XLR jack. They greatly value their customer base and want to learn for them.

    Then there are US companies like Grado that basically laugh at their customer suggestions and tell them to "scram, don't bother us, we know best!" Which one do you think will survive in the long term? It won't be Grado. And just look what they are pushing on customers with the new and now much more expensively priced SR80e. Those cheap plastic L/R headphone cup holders that always break? Yep, still here. A head band with virtually no padding. Yep, still there. Ear pads now with strange "cuts" in them that make them look as cheap as they are uncomfortable. Yep, the have managed to even make their bad ear pads worse. And that heavy, janky permanently attached headphone cable with the huuuuge 3.5mm jack on the end of it that can't even fit in many phone 3.5mm jacks? Way to go, Grado. Keep up your customers' irritation with your poorly designed products, guys. You might have been able to get away with this snotty "rebel" attitude before the ChiFi guys learn to make better quality stuff. Now, your days are numbered. Change or die, Grado. Your choice but I suspect you'll say stubborn and just slowly die out. I, however, have bought my LAST Grado product from this company. No more!

  5. I've watched the evolution of Grado over many years. I have a couple pairs of their headphones and several of their phono cartridges. I don't use their phones because they are uncomfortable, so they stay in the box. I have a pair of Senn HD600s I bought back in 1998 and they are still my favorite, comfortable and sound fantastic. Cartridges? I have a Sonata (Jarra wood body, it's ok, nothing special), Prestige Gold, Red and Black. The Red and and Black are the best sounding of the four, with the Red clearly the best. I don't get it. I think Grado does eveything as cheaply and loosy goosy as possible to "get away with it." I understand "Made In America" and the importance of supporting USA made products, but when I see Guttenberg's video of the Grado site, it's so damningly clear that no improvement or investment in modernizing operations, or clean up the factory!, in is in the interest of John Grado or his sons. In one shot he claims to be "breaking in" a cartridge as it sits in the runout groove of a spinning record on their break in table, gahhh! I wouldn't want that cartridge and no way can they compete with Ortofon or others that actually care about quality. Grado's gonna keep doing things the old school artsy fartsy, down in the dumps, cottage industry way, and damn the torpedos. I get that, I do. But the if one refuses to stay on the innovation curve, and respond to the demands of its customers, and keep an eye on the competition, then the way of the Dodo is in store, no matter how good Grado products sound or how much hemp they choose to use. And the really frustrating part accurately reflected by Zeos, and that I wholeheartedly agree with is, for so LITTLE effort and cost, Grado's phones could be brought into the 2021 era without compromising their fundamental design philosophy! Features and benefits, ,marketing 101, c'mon, get with the program already! Or, they simply don't give a rat's ass.

  6. I absolutely adore than entire meeting skit, it's so wonderfully to the point and entertaining whilst providing so much constructive feedback rather than just saying 'this and this suck, fix it somehow'. bravo Zeos

  7. Have had the pleasure of owning the Hemps for 2 days now. And Fuck I love them so much. Thank you for putting them on my radar. Bought 4 different pads to them because I expected the stock pads to be really shit since that is the general consensus, but for me I prefer both the sound and fit with stock pads. The first few songs I heard I got very nervous since I found them very thin sounding. A slight repositioning of the headphone however made them sparkle. The positioning with stock pads needs to be perfect if not they sound really bad. It is super fun to play around with all the pads so am happy I bought them. Probs gonna try to pad change again when I have run them for a few weeks to see if burn in changes anything. Thank you, again love your work.

  8. The non detachable cable doesn't bother me on Grados, just the cheap build for extortionate prices, harsh treble, lack of comfort. You only need to buy ONE Grado. The SR80, lol. Then the cheap build is worth what you pay for

  9. you can tell the frustration comes from love. and thats the best part. its not just from a critical point of view. its from a point of view of love, and wanting the company to be the absolute best they can be. a company that has so much potential thats just not fully living up to it. and its beautiful honestly

  10. "Jenky", very funny. You're right about the SOUND! Fantastic. Screw the cord, actually, I curl it into my left pant pocket and plug the 3.5mm into my BTR5 which goes into my left top shirt pocket. Voila, I know, genius. Paired with the Pioneer XDP 300R and nothing else sounds anywhere close. love, Love, LOVE the Hemp! This Grado sounds better than anything I've heard. $420 for the best? S'a BARGAIN, the best I'd ever had. Get the G cushions, originals scratch your ears. Go Zeos.

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