1. Everyone is on this CBD stuff. Meanwhile, my wife and I pay almost $5qt for hempmilk for our daughter. It has to be imported from Canaduh. It's probably the most used milk alternative by coffee shops. Probably could make some good adobe bricks with hemp too.

  2. Thank you, Mr. Miller. Well done! Hemp is the crux of a prosperous economy. Not just CBD, but hemp is THE best industrial textile resource. Good times are ahead with this bounteous and beneficial crop. Now, if we can just get fair and honest elections, real money, and fair trade with the world market.

  3. I just want to grow it for a green manure source, hay for my deep mulch garden beds and hay for my chicken nesting boxes so I don't have to drive 5 hours one way for unsprayed hay. Can't seem to find a way to do that.

  4. There is no other Texan more Texan than this Man. He really fits the role. I hope he never retires. FYI.. I've seen 95 year old farmers. Keep doing it Sir!! 💪

  5. I'm here for the unparalleled Texas accent…..aaaaaand because I'm excited Texans now have a shot at unparalleled opportunities to regenerate Texas soils, grow fantastic medicine, and modernize our agriculture economy in a way that can benefit any size farmer. This is a great step for our great state.

  6. I think if we were a free country this video would not have been created. I posted this comment before and it was deleted. Freedom of speech is another right that should not be trampled on.

  7. The tips Commissioner Miller provides are important, because there is currently an oversupply in the market, and many are losing money, including farmers, processors, and manufactures. Labs are few, so timing is an issue, and processors are few too. Prices are rapidly decreasing, and will continue to, as more producers enter in 2020. Everyone is focused on CBD, which has reached market saturation, because demand has leveled off and decreasing. It will take a bottoming of the market, and build out of the supply chain through 2025. The federal regulations must align for the market to grow and facilitate new products and interstate commerce.

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