Harvesting CBD Hemp Oil

CBD oil is the new buzzword for promoting good health. We stop by Red Barn Hemp to see how they harvest it and what people say it can do.


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  2. Hemp oil is completely different to cannabis oil ….Lets not get confused …Hemp is okay for rug making , rope making etc but has no medicinal properties whatsoever…Dont be conned

  3. I make a CBD infused MCT oil and it works on dogs that have seizures and also it has saved 2 horses with anxiety issues like swinging their heads back and forth, from being destroyed. I'm in NZ and the laws are now changing. I'm going for a licence and hope to have a large part of my business based on animal husbandry. Well done

  4. So basically, the little guy who wants to start a cbd hemp farm, you need to have probably a few million dollars to get into this business. Can a person grow the cbd hemp and have it processed in another location?

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