Hemp basket

This crochet accessory for the home is made with hemp yarn which has a different and interesting texture. It’s also perfect to decorate. This type of yarn is made by Ice Yarns and you can give a look at their lovely color collection here It’s made of one seamless piece with single crochet (UK double crochet). Turn on the English (not the automatic) subtitles if you feel my pronunciation is not very clear. Find more details of this free crochet pattern and written instructions by following this link:


  1. Lovely video thank you. I am using pure jute to crochet with, and it smells so strongly of petrol/kerosene. Apparently some jute is treated with an oil to preserve it. Does anyone have any advice for removing this odour? Thank you.

  2. Liked this a lot! This is exactly what I was looking for. Very easy to follow cause is well explained. I did it and had no mistakes at all with the instructions. Thanks for sharing this tutorial!!!

  3. Never mind…I found it. I am teaching myself to crochet with your instructions. I love this basket but do not love the hemp. Can this be made with two strands of yarn with good results? Thanks

  4. I agree with so many others who have commented before me that this tutorial is very clear and well filmed. Can’t wait to try it. Bravo and thank you for your efforts!

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