Hemp Fishing!

It’s new video time after a short baby related hiatus!!!

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Shot Using my Panasonic GH5 –

Edited using a iMac –


  1. Proper 👌🏻 lovely looking venue and congratulations on the the new addition to the family, well done Joe 👍🏻 50cm hooklength, food for thought right there 🤔

  2. Lovely stuff Joe! Loved fishing the seed as a youngster – not only devastating but it was nice and cheap when only earning a few quid a week off a paper round 25 years ago 😆 Even had good days on it with snow on the ground!

  3. when you said you are going out at 14 meter's that looked way to long, it must of been the camera angle, nice video joe, good to see you back 👍

  4. HUGE congratulation on your new arrival. I trust Mum and babe are doing great.
    Great video. I love natural style fishing too. Yet I still got an old rod my Grandad gave me when I was a boy. It was old when he passed it down, and I'm heading for 58 now. Hollow Fibre glass and split cane top end. Love that thing. Any way, it warms my insides to see younger people promoting small rivers. Wonderful. TTFN

  5. Great video Joe… I fish a few small rivers,so I must give this a try…. And congratulations on the new baby. All the best for the future 👍

  6. I grew up fishing the Nene around Oundle and Barnwell. So nice to see you fishing what I think is one of best stretches of water, Thank you

  7. Your in great shape Joe considering you have just had a baby, you've lost that baby bump well haha. stay safe and stay strong!

  8. Nice one Joe , only the bestest form of roach fishing . trying to work out what peg it is , is it 2 below the road bridge or is it above the bottom lock ?

  9. Great vid Joe. Congratulations to you and your family 🍼🍼🍼. Keep up the great work 👍👍

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