HEMP for CBD | Industrial HEMP HARVEST for CBD

First harvest of hemp for CBD. 1000 hemp plants on 1 acre, high CBD hemp strains. I show you how we started harvesting industrial hemp for CBD. Then show you how to speed up the industrial hemp harvest for CBD and go 10x faster with this amazing hemp harvesting machine!

You can find the equipment I used to make this video at these links:
Phone gimbal:



Microphone mount:

bud trimmer single barrel:

Bud trimmer triple barrel:

song link:

artist link:

Video editing:
Levi Bozacki


  1. I come work for you guys i landscaped all my life and not afraid of long hours no joke hit me back for my info

  2. Dope video! Yeah folks kept asking how many acres we had planted. I said yeah right I have 300 plants for flower. An acre is A LOT of hemp therefore a lot of work. Glad you put that in there. You just saved some newbie from planting and harvesting themselves into some extreme low back pain 😂😂✌🏾.

  3. Very entertaining. Very funny because we went through the same thing. It was fun at the beginning then exhausting !

  4. Processing is the biggest issue people run into 🥺 this is definitely a labor intensive way to do it. You should use plastic netting to hang everything to save on space. Lots of bigger farms bale their CBD, but there’s a ton of expensive equipment involved.

  5. Awesome content man, I have a few questions where do you guys get your seeds from and did they not test hot letting them get as big as you let them get

  6. Where do you get seeds from? 1k plants on 1 acre, what was your spacing? I’d like to start this needs to see the laws in Florida though.

  7. It recently became legal to grow hemp in Texas where I live . My brother and I want to grow a couple acres. Will you email me pls? Droneslive366@gmail.com

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