Hemp houses could be greener, fire-resistant

An Alberta company says its hemp building blocks are sustainable, heat-resistant, humidity-free and made from carbon-negative material. Plus, they can be put together like big Lego blocks.
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  1. Hello I’m curious to know if you have funding and or interest in building a facility in New York upstate?

  2. Hemp building materials are perfect considering the construction industry (like concrete is a huge one) makes more emissions than air travel does. If you go find a 100 year old house in the UK you might find it has a thatched roof made from straw, and insulation made from sheep's wool and straw was common too and yep even hemp fibres.

  3. Just think if the homes in the town in Colorado where made of this stuff maybe we would not had 1000 homes catch on fire !

  4. Shared this with a friend who will be building in the next two years in a rural area in the North East. He was concerned there might be issues with bugs or mice. Should he be concerned?

  5. This thing is amazing, construction with concrete blocks produces a huge amount of CO2, being used by almost every country it takes up a significant portion of our entire carbon footprint. If hemp replaced even a small portion such as 30% the carbon negative nature could actually counteract some of the emissions created by the rest of the 70% due to construction.

  6. Ok got it, gonna build my house using permeable concrete to reduce runoff, the walls out of hemp the roof insulated by mycelium and solar panels to live off the grid

  7. The fact that this isn't normal building material for the world is sad and pathetic. Every building should be made of it

  8. hemp is not legal in my country, so what is replacement for the hemp? another plant with same characteristic? can some one explained it? please

  9. Wow I wish I could get product composition it's very helpful in places like mountain where it's very hard to lift cement sacks and heavy equipment. 🙏

  10. Like it or not it's going to come down to this so widespread use I see that it's fireproof does this mean the thermal imaging will not work through the walls if it blocks thermal imaging they will never let this become Nationwide because part of the echelon program involvesspying on people while riding by looking through an infrared camera to see if someone is home or not this is what the police do and for those of you that think I'm wrong look up the hundreds of times they've been caught doing it two innocent civilians

  11. Now with the new trade agreement we should farm all this with hemp and create our own homegrown blocks for our houses then expand to other towns or the world or make deals with both countries to pass on the knowledge, its a multi purpose plant from the earth like canabis

  12. Now this is interesting stuff. How does it do in floods though as one person asked. I mean if it's only fire resistant that's well and good. No need to put any fire retardants… 🤔 If it's strong enough to withstand typhoons and hurricanes then that's great. 👍

  13. Great story please do more hemp is an incredible industrial material that can do great things.

  14. Negative carbon footprint. This is what's needed ASAP if we want a fighting chance at leaving some mother earth for the next generations.

  15. Oh this is in Canada… Meanwhile the the United States is living in the stone ages. Americans got dooped LOL The US is 243 years old. 181 of those years you had industrial hemp farming. Just now the US in starting industrial hemp…again

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