1. We was thuggin in 09
    Now we got half the Good Ol Boys as our neighbors in business
    I love this State
    And i love Texas Department of Agriculture
    Yeeehaw mi niggas

  2. I wish this was a country that had the freedom to grow this plant without threat of a cage. My comments keep getting deleted here and I’ll keep coming back. If we were free humans this type of video wouldn’t need to be made.

  3. Great for bigger business but seems pretty hands-off with the multiple references to high risk/high reward… I would love the LIBERTY of just being able to grow my own without the $100 facility fee (I.E. a NON-commercial/sub-acre license). I do understand the $100 producer license though but again, with all of the extra required $$ for testing and $$ per variety it feels kinda California y'all. 👎👎

  4. Montana has the best Hemp Program and licensing application forms to protect the farmers even if the crop goes hot.
    There are several ambiguous areas especially process and response timing of receiving approved TDA transport permits.
    It's a start, but could have been much better planned and implemented with practical input from experienced growers and labs and processors.
    Links should be added in this youtube to approved seeds page, approved suppliers page and online application page.
    Disappointed that applications cannot be submitted from an ipad tablet.

  5. Need a third-party lab? Sign up at ky.yourcoa.com if you need to test your crops' cannabinoid contents. Kaycha of Kentucky is ISO certified and DEA registered, and accepts samples through the mail!!
    $50 for cannabinoid profiles, full panel testing also available. Feel free to reach out if you need help with anything!

  6. Hemp producer and hemp "handler" appear to require two different licenses.

    Went online after 5 pm to complete the process. Application cycled but never took me to the payment page. Will have to wait till tomorrow for assistance.

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