Hemp Processing- Farm to CBD Extraction

Hemp processing- from the farm, up until the hemp is ready for CBD oil extraction.
Here, we show how hemp is processed with our equipment at various stages.
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Edited by Zane Cruz

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  1. obviously no sanitary regulations where your at ….product was destroyed and a ton wasted… all those canabinoids where smashed in with all that bio mass and makes a clean extraction very difficult .. that will make some very low quality meds

  2. this is shit… im never smoking your garbage weed you drag it in the mud, put it in dirty trucks, drag it across the floor and you clothes, let it all sit on the floor, it gets processed too much by heavy machinery and last of all its fucking dust. no quality control at all.

  3. Wow, you have such mature craftsmanship. After learning the whole process, it is very shocking. You have done very professionally and very well. Would you consider the next process, biomass extraction to distillation, produce pure cbd oil?☺️☺️☺️

  4. Похоже единственная работа в мире которая доставляет удовольствие,и не приносит невроз и усталость!

  5. Zajebiste krzaki ale szkoda trochę się patrzy jak te maszyny to kurwa jak by jakieś siano czy inne chujostwo , po tym filmiku nawet nie wie. Czy bym chciil tego skuna za darmo palić ,kurrde serio człowiek zniszczy wszystko co Bóg mu dał 🤷

  6. No quiero saber nada de marihuana, solo como germina una semilla seca después de un largo periodo de frio por tormentas invernales. Nada ilicito apruebo, aunque sea ahora medicinal. Gracias por no contestar mi pregunta!!

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