Henry Ford's 'plastic hemp car' from 1941

Henry Ford’s ‘plastic hemp car’ from 1941
We might think that our ethanol and biodiesel “flex-fuel” systems are all very cutting edge, but biofuel development is of course nothing new. Way back in the 1930’s, Henry Ford was hard at work in the alt-fuels sector, and in 1941 he constructed a hemp-fueled and hemp-bodied prototype car. The “plastic” body panels were composed of 70% cellulose fibers, including industrial hemp, mixed with a resin binder, and apparently they were pretty sturdy: check out this video, in which a guy beats on the trunk with an axe and fails to leave a mark. Industrial hemp won’t make you high, kids, but its association with marijuana has historically been a major legal stumbling block. VIEW VIDEO OF FORDS HEMP CAR HAVING A HAMMER TAKEN TO IT !!

The reason marijuana was prohibited in the 20th century was to suppress hemp fuel and fiber production, which is inexpensive to make and naturally decentralized, so that small groups of people could profit from the capital intensive petrochemical alternatives that dominate our political process and economy today. Hemp will decentralize our economic system and return wealth and control to the majority. Hemp & marijuana both come from the same plant, cannabis sativa, which is the Latin, botanical name. Hemp is the fiber from the stalks and stems and the sterile seeds, while marijuana is the leaves, flowers and viable seeds. Some people believe that hemp with a low THC content is one species, and that it becomes a different plant, marijuana, when the THC level in the cannabis plant goes above 0.3 percent, but it is really the same plant. It is really about fuel, fiber and the synthetic subversion of the natural cycle. Drugs are only a smokescreen. Marijuana prohibition has always been about money, power, and control..


  1. lol WHITE AMERICA ……THE USA BEEN FUCKING US NO!!!!! …. YOU AND I . Over since they fucked the indigenous people over for this piece of land…


  3. The Rockefeller monopoly on oil, money and farmaceuticals, and the Carnegie monopoly on steel have cost us a lot in innovation and much more.

  4. I hope with President Trump in office we can get bk to produces that last..like this car..I was told by a repairman Washers Refrigerators freezers are made to last 5 yrs..?? To me that is criminal…

  5. It's fucken hilarious that Elon Musk with all his ability does not even think for a second he could be the martyr for change in our system. Hemp could replace our fossil fuel usage by 20~50% and could help free up C02 from our atmosphere reducing our exposure to UV rays which will cause millions cancers if we don't get our act right before our bubble shield deteriorates.

  6. I had a pair of hemp jeans. They took twice as long to wear out and they where always really soft .
    Fuel made from hemp is almost carbon neutral. All the waste can be composted real quick and used to fertilise the next crop and f fuel.

  7. The durability of the car is incredible! The material of the body/frame would most like last indefinitely, as for the engine, if your using hemp oil, biofuels, etc, the car would last a very long time with little to no maintenance. No money to be maid for re-peat customers and parts #s.

  8. thye stone walled henry just like they did tesla it was due to corporate monopolies ruining the future for control its same with everything nowdays – back then it was petrochemical industry that made hemp forgotten and was illegal in 37 i think

  9. the solution to this world problems – grows in the desert and would be no wars for oil best idea ever seen in this world

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