How CBD Oil Impacts the Body

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Dr. Sanjay Gupta explains how the medical community is using CBD oil, even though it’s still considered illegal at the federal level. Find out how CBD impacts the body and if it can be beneficial.

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  1. l have chronic pain for long time, l purchased cbd oil from pharmacy, my specialist gave the prescription and he said take 0.25ml two times a day then increase, pain relief will start between 2-4 weeks, l haven’t received it yet, l googled some information about cbd oil but there is no much information about relief the pain, just wondering if someone can tell me how long it will be works for pain? Thanks so much, jing

  2. It’s helped my chronic pain in my feet, ankle, knee and back pain from my army days. I highly recommend trying it, from a reputable source that provides lab results from independent labs.

  3. I have Epilepsy I couldn’t sleep. I did research tried CBD+CBN Sleep gummies Moonwlkr amazing. I’m now trying CBD+thc gummies .Medterra so far works great . Why haven’t they studies this Main body system Endocannabinoid. I heard wasn’t much taught on it in Medical School. Weird. Big Pharma why research something that will help lose money…they don’t want ppl to heal.

  4. Pet oil regularly 39.99 buy 1 get 1 free. Is use checkout code BOGOpet.

    Our Pet CBD Oil is another method of delivery to assist your pet in pain relief, decreased inflammation and providing a balanced mood. Place drops of the oil on your pet’s food based on their weight and let them ingest this health enhancing oil into their diet. Our bottle of CBD oil is 17.8 mg per half a milliliter and 33 mg of oil to a full dropperful or one milliliter. The oil is distilled from organic hemp.

  5. I have a very serious question. I don't actually know if I have glaucoma, but it's a real possibility. Many people in my family have glaucoma (including my mother and many uncles). I've heard (and read) that taking CBD oil could be dangerous if you have glaucoma. Because of the high pressure of blood in the eyes. And you could even lose sight. Is this real or just an urban legend? Thank you so much.

  6. My whole body feels so much better ever since I been taking CBD oil. I have a review on how it works. Take a look at the review to learn more about what CBD works best.

  7. If you want to help yourself, just google Weedborn. I know you will find good solutions for all your discomforts there.

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  9. Can you get your arse back to Australia to tell our politicians this thank you we are only getting a half arse version that’s not available yet and so expensive

  10. Question for CBD users: Have any of you used this for chronic back pain and or Peripheral Neuropathy(nerve damage)?
    I've been on pain management for my back and leg pain since 2009 and would love to try something more natural that I don't have to smoke or eat.

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