How the Best CBD Hemp Flower is Grown on Certified Organic Farm to Make CBD Oil Products

John from visits an Organic CBD Hemp farm that grows the best CBD flower and produces the highest quality organic full-spectrum CBD oil that you can buy.

In this episode, John visits the Fat Pig Society, a research farm and worker-owned cooperative whose mission is the educate people and farmers about the amazing hemp plant.

In this episode, you will learn more about hemp and how it differs from its related counterpart cannabis that can have intoxicant effects.

You will see how the hemp on this certified organic farm is grown, and processed into some of the best full spectrum organic hemp oil products I have ever found.

You will learn more about the organic growing practices, how they ensure their product does not get too hot and contain too much of the THC that is below .3% in this product

you will learn more about the fertilizer being used and how the hemp flower is processed into the full spectrum oil that is produced on the farm.

You will learn more about some of the products that are made from the whole spectrum extract and how you can even private label them and start your own CBD hemp business by helping others to improve their health.

Finally, John will interview one of the workers from the fat pig society so you can learn more about hemp, the differences between industrial hemp and cannabis, some of the health benefits of the cannabinoids, as well as the differences between isolate, broad-spectrum and full-spectrum product, how to get free hemp products and even start a business selling high-quality hemp products.

After watching this episode, you will learn more about CBD hemp that you have from reading articles online by learning for yourself from an organic farmer who grows industrial hemp for its CBD content.

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  1. I remember 30 yrs ago they said that smoking industrial hemp will give you a shit headache way before you got anything from it. So what the fuck has changed??? NOTHING! CBD is a gimmick. FAKE NEWS

  2. I think I will be continuing my CBD treatment. I was just given CBD products from Weedborn and I feel so much better these days : D

  3. thanks for the info, been using cbd oil from for quite a while now, and it's been very effective against muscle pains. I'm glad I found out about this, so if you are looking for cbd oil for sale I would highly recommend this as an alternative means of pain relief.

  4. Yes. I would like to partner with them to sale the products . please send me a email so we can connect. I do have a medical need this is why I look into organic healing. Now I was browsing came across this. I want to do as they are. I only have a vision and will. If you guys want to work with me and my spouse. We are mature adults looking to enterprise. That's the focus help bring healing.

  5. I'm gonna go ahead and sound like a complete hater here… but if u want any of your content on this subject taken any kind of seriously… you might need somebody not so clearly a complete dumbass to speak for you in the stuff you put out in the public domain… im imbarrassed for u on this one

  6. Disappointed to see you use the term “marijuana” when the terms was coined by 1930s anti-cannabis activists who wanted to stigmatize the plant by giving it a foreign-sounding name that stemmed from the Mexican pronunciation of the drug in the years prior to its introduction to early United States. Love the video, but would recommend you seriously consider only using the term cannabis when speaking about this great plant since it is derogatory and disrespectful to use the term “Marijuana”. Much love 💚

  7. Need to lst train your girls. Bend the main branches at the y and she will make a stress repiar and make more medicines.

  8. I think your presentation would be more effective if you were not under the influence of the material that is being discussed

  9. Thank you so much for sharing this video I've been looking for this video for a very long time I really would love to get a job with this coming cannabis company are there any way that you can help me further my career my lifelong dream of being with that cannabis community please contact me at 812-675-9252

  10. Amazing !!! Revolutionary initiative !!! All of your outstanding efforts and advices are Greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot with love blessings and prayers.

  11. How do you control pests in such a large production? Ive got like 5 plants outdoors and the aphids are running rampid!

  12. 1.) is it true there is no way domestic hemp products can get the organic label in the US because the USDA doesn't certify hemp…. yet? 2.) I just took over a small cbd hemp farm processing operation after the guy who ran it last year bailed. It was only the farmer's 1st year and they did a horrible job. Now, I've been bucking down 300 plants. My boss wants us to rosin press all the buds to make a cbd oil (mixed with fractionated coconut oil) but I told her that her yield would be relatively poor if she rosined all the buds out. I think I've gotten her to come around to making a lot of products just like this inspiring woman you interviewed. I need a lot of help though in the way of consultation, anyone have good resources?

  13. Can anyone help me? I just took over an organic operation that had the last manager take off unexpectedly. We have 300 plants that’ve been drying in a pole barn for 4 weeks. We started bucking them down assuming theyre dry enough but we left some in a container overnight with a humidity detector. It read like 75% the next day. Is that too high? Wont mold grow at that rate? Considering we’re gonna turn it into rosin, whats the safe moisture content before the curing process can start and it can be pressed? Much thanks in advance.



  15. Please dont hate on a man trying to give you knowledge. He is trying to educate the public on how to feed/medicate themselves. You do not have the appropriate proposal to interrupt.

  16. why does anyone listen to these kind of rules. i wish i didn't sometimes. this makes me so sad. i need it for medical issues. 500+ an ounce in my state. corona virus only delaying things longer.

  17. They are not weeds! A weed is a plant that is in an undesirable location. The hemp was planted intentionally, making it not a weed. Those suckers can also get quite difficult to grow if you're trying to really push the plants growth potential. Love the vids, keep up the good work!

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