How to germinate hemp seeds

Jamie is a CBD consultant for which is a UK based retailer of CBD oil.

A very quick video on how to germinate hemp seeds for medicinal purposes.

Once you start to introduce the hemp / marijuana seeds to water, the seeds will start to activate and germinate. It’s important to keep the seeds moist and in a dark place.

The best way to achieve this is to place the seeds on a damp paper towel and then place between two small plates. The plates will keep the seeds moist, dar and at a comfortable temperature for the seeds.

After about 12 hours you will notice the tap root starting to emerge. This is the most important part of the plant at this stage. This tap root will be where all the other roots come from and will help ‘push’ the seeds through the soil. Be careful not to damage the tap root when you place it into the soil.

When you place the seed into the soil make sure you keep the soil very loose so that the seed can easily breakthrough the top soil covering it.

TIP: After you germinate your hemp seed and look to plant it, make sure you plant it in a small pot as it will be harder to over water which is a common beginner problem.


  1. Nice video! From all variations I tried it still works best when I simply put the seed into the soil, put the little pot into a cultivation box with high humidity, and spray the soil a few days. Also seems easier and a little more "naturelike" to me :).

  2. Hi Jamie. I have some questions. How deep and do you just turn the taproot down and plant the seed like you would a regular seed and cover it up? What are the qualities you look for in a seedling mix for hemp seeds? How long do you keep them in a small container before to transplant them? Thank You 🙂

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