How to grow big hemp plants

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Today I talk about how we were able to have a successful growing season and how we fed our hemp plants this summer.

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  1. I’m a Northeast Tennessee hemp grower (Bristol/Johnson City area) and I am just stumbling across this channel via this video. Good video. I just subscribed, and will be checking out all your other hemp videos.

    There is power in numbers, my friend, and I would love to collaborate and share ideas that will benefit us along with the industry as a whole.

    I’ve been busy with the farming and the business, but am trying to add more content soon. There’s over 3400 growers in Tennessee, yet, there is very little collaborations happening.

  2. A simpler method would probably be to mow your lawns without the catch and use the cut grass as mulch to feed them?. Cos your lawn naturally has everything you'd need to do that?.

    It would only cost you like 10 bucks worth of petrol every 2 weeks to mow the lawn and use the cut grass as mulch to feed the hemp, depending on how big your section is?.

    Be very interesting to see people do this instead of blowing shitloads on chemicals to do the same thing!. If your lawn has tons and tons of dandelions?, That's a good calcium source, those little clover things apparently are a good source of nitrogen!. There's probably loads of other plants that everyone call weeds which can help out with different nutrients!. But yeah. Ideally you'd want to do this to keep the cost down and keep the profit regain margins down too?.

    I don't know about running a business? But maybe this could help out in a way?. Raw brain power for yah I guess?!.

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