How to Make a Beaded Hemp Bracelet with Macrame Square Knots

– In this video you will learn how to make a macrame hemp bracelet using the 2/0 Matubo seed beads. You will see a demonstration of macrame square knots and some helpful sizing tips when creating this design.

Designer: Kat Silvia

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You can find the supplies in this video at

Natural Hemp Twine Bead Cord 1mm Four Color Assorted Variety Pack – 30 Feet Each
SKU: XCR-3536

Czech Glass Matubo, Tri-Cut 2/0 Seed Bead, 20 Gram Tube, Lemon Rembrandt
SKU: BCS-7248

Czech Glass Matubo, Tri-Cut 2/0 Seed Bead, 20 Gram Tube, Opaque Blue Rembrandt
SKU: BCS-7242

The Beadsmith Mini Macrame Board For Braiding 9×6 Inches
SKU: XTL-6120

Tulip Premium Scissors, Gold Handle 5 Inch, 1 Pair
SKU: XTL-0373


  1. These cords do not fit through those beads, or you sent me the wrong beads. My husband and I both tried but ended up with frayed cords. The holes are way too small.

  2. When I do square knots the only way I don't get lost is if I start with a "P" then repeat in my head as I go " P 4 P 4 P 4 P 4" Lmao

  3. It's a really cool bracelet!! The color is also very pretty. And thank you for always kindly writing your reply.
    You watched the video very well today too! Please make a lot. 🙂

  4. You made this look so doable! Thank you for the great understandable instructions. Will be buying a board, hemp and beads to make. Plan on showing my granddaughter this tutorial for her to make with me. Thanks again.

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