How to Make DIY Gentle Hemp and Shea Soap


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10% shea butter

30% beef tallow or lard

Why you should use tallow:

25% coconut oil

5% castor oil

17% hemp seed oil (you want the dark green stuff)

13% olive oil

Calculate to a 5% superfat

Per 500g (1.1lbs) fats:

3 tbsp white kaolin clay

1/2 tsp titanium dioxide, dispersed in ~1 tsp of olive oil

~1 tbsp hemp hearts

Or, check out the full written recipe at



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  1. I can't seem to get the beef tallow to melt! Can I mix this up when the oils are a little clumpy or do they have to be completely melted?

  2. I love your Videos so much and learn so much

    My husband is from Nigeria. As you know they have a completly different soap Tradition

    I am from Berlin Germany

    We have been developing our own recipes as a Hobby. But we also love to copy yous. Just for Personal use

    Thank you so much

  3. Hello, been seeing your channel many times and finally I found myself subscribing to you. I really love your way of teaching the DIY.

  4. I love it. Thank you. It was so great to see your towel heaving a hole just like mine. Almost all soap makers have perfect gears. This soap looks absolutely gorgeous.

  5. I've been looking for a Shea and hemp recipe. Glad I found you! This will be my first time making soap. I was wondering if I could add a fragrance to this. How much do you suggest and when do I do this? Also, how do I add Neem oil? Thanks in advance.

  6. I followed this recipe to the tee. When I let the oils come to room temp the Shea butter hardened again. Would you explain why this happened? Thank you

  7. If i want to add fragrance to this soap how much do I add or figure it out? Still new at this. This is a great beginner friendly tutorial! 💕

  8. I use my soap on my hair and body and was wondering if I used btsm 50 in the bar instead of beeswax would it help work as “conditioner”?

  9. Is it okay to use a whisk instead of the mixer you used in the video? Or, is it important to buy a mixer?

  10. This is my first time watching you soap, lol! I always think of you as a brilliant formulator, not a soap girl. I know that that is silly, but very true. I enjoyed watching you make soap.It's where I started, and now I formulate and do soap. I guess I find your education a little much for soaping, but again I'm just as sure that's where you started. I don't exactly know what I'm getting at here! It was a fun video to watch!!!

  11. Can you clarify, if your mould is 15 inches and 1 inch equals 100 grams then your mould would hold 1500 grams. But your recipe is only 500gr.

  12. Hi Marie. Awesome video! Q. If I wanted to scent my soap batch, at what stage would you recommend I do this? After trace but before colorant is added? Also, is there a simple way to determine how large of a soap mold I need for a batch that calculates out at a total yield of 94 ounces/ 2664.86 grams? That's just under 6 pounds/2.6847 kilos. I want standard size soap bars that fit nicely in the palm of the hand. Finally, can you recommend a substitution for the hemp oil if I can't obtain that in my area? Thanks very much in advance!!! I've finally go up the courage to make soap from scratch instead of melt and pour and just successfully used Brambleberry Lye Calc. for the first time with your recipe – it worked! Yay! 😉

  13. This is my first video of yours. Your name is super cute! I'm trying to do research for using CBD oil in Cold Process soap.

  14. Do you have the link for your spatulas? I love them too and would love to know where you got them!! Thanks!! And thanks for all you do!! Love your videos!!

  15. i would love to make this soap, but i use ounces instead of grams. i tried running this through the soap calc i use but it says i have to pick only 1 oil. i don't think i like that one anymore. i'm horrible at math so i was wondering how i could do this in ounces instead. i tried using the soap calc you did the video on and just couldn't figure it out. yes i know i'm hopeless at stuff like this. any ideas? i'm so embarassed about this. lol

  16. This was the first soap I made. I tweaked the recipe just a little bit, but OH MY GOODNESS. this makes my skin feel so soft that I don't even feel like I need lotion afterwards. It is AMAZING. Thank you for sharing this recipe, Marie!

  17. Just a suggestion… if you know what the weight of your pot is, you can just weigh the batch and subtract the pot, then divide the result….

  18. Just FYI… I don’t use tallow or lard because I find them to be quite comedogenic. I don’t seem to run into any of the problems that you’ve had with aging, tho. It often takes my soaps 4 to 6 weeks to age, at which point, they are maybe 90% hardened and perfectly useable. I use roughly an equal amount of each: coconut oil, palm oil and olive oil. Sometimes I substitute avocado oil for the olive oil. Then I adjust my recipe to include whatever additives or superfatting that I want to do. I use Soapmaker to adjust my recipes, which is quite handy, and it is always dead-on accurate with the lye:oil ratios… one of the things that helps a lot with the aging is being able to adjust your water ratio in the recipe…

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