How to make Hemp Milk in two minutes

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  1. I recently decided to start making my own hemp milk and while I like the nutty flavour I can't get over the "earthy" flavour. I'm the beginning it was just hemp seeds & water. As I added more water, vanilla & honey it got better but I still can't get over the "earthy" flavouring. What else can I hide to mask it??? without adding strawberries or cacao

  2. thanks . please how can help seed be deshelled ? i have tried looking it up but i only get big machines which i can't find here

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  4. l heard rice milk is inflammatory & since l was using it with coconut oil and cinnamon, turmeric and ground black pepper for leaky gut & inflammation the last thing l want is a milk that might contribute to the very thing l was seeking to overcome. Can l replace rice milk with these other ingredients?

  5. Hi, I wanted to say a special thank you. I've been struggling with what to put in my coffee and tea. I made it exactly how you showed us and it was amazing. It is amazing!!!!!

  6. I just found out about this Im straying away from diary and this taste way better than almond to me

  7. Instead of vanilla extract and coconut sugar use Pure Agave syrup (from cactus), it is a more healthy choice for adding sweetness. Anything that is an extract, even from natural resources, is to some degree dangerous since the natural composition no longer exists and the proportions are not maintained.

  8. Where can you get the hemp seeds from? I’m keen to make this for my family, (mum, dad and brother)

  9. The shop bought hemp milk makes me ill. It must be the additives.. So I'm looking to make my own. The only problem is that I don't have blender and I can't afford one.

    I wish there was another way to make hemp milk without a blender.

  10. I have never tried hemp milk before Trinity and am now so intrigued to try it! Does it have a taste like almond milk? Never had hemp seeds before. I love your videos so much.

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