I Tried $130 CBD Oil To Treat My Anxiety

CBD products claim to help with everything from anxiety to insomnia to muscle pain. It almost sounds too good to be true. And maybe it is.

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I Tried $130 CBD Oil To Treat My Anxiety


  1. Guys, just a heads up… you can buy SUPER high quality CBD for far cheaper than $130. Many companies far over charge. If anyone is curious, I can direct them towards a few companies that sell extremely high quality CBD products for humans, pets, etc (and I have NO affiliation with these companies. Just that I searched and bought from so many companies that I know which are genuinely reasonably priced)

  2. I don't really know why I was being infected  with Idiopathic  pulmonary fibrosis, my Dad died of this illness and it really affects me emotionally  because my Dad never had the opportunity  to use Dr Madida herbal treatment from YouTube. It was Dr madida herbs that I used that cured me .

  3. I like CBD but don't like the taste. I use the CBD oil from Hempful Farms and mix it with my morning smoothies or juices. Keeps my anxiety low while at work.

  4. I like getting my CBD oil from Hempful Farms because they are local, and family owned in the USA. No secrets when you buy their products, either!

  5. The 400mg full spectrum cbd oil by Hempful farms is one of my favorites. But their CBD joint and muscle rub is amazing for sore muscles after the gym.

  6. 300-600 mg !! Holy ****. No one “needs” that much. I have GAD, I’m 90 kg, I’m good with 40mg per day. Yes it will differ people to people but not by that margin.

  7. You should not feel tired you are having to much. Take less and it might take a few months. You can buy a lot – Choc mint and low mg which is cheeper and then you can buy CBD oil with out THC to.

  8. The problem is the research that marketers use to tout CBD was actually studies involving CBD AND THC. There isn’t good work showing significant benefits from CBD alone.

  9. I just feel like he was skeptical going in and left skeptical and had little reason to give it a try anyway other than to make this video for views. Waste of my time lmfao.

  10. Lets not forget that this amount of CBD is a fortune. 1500 USD/month what this guy took, in the research where they used 600mg/day, it was around 3000 USD.

  11. This was very knowledgable. I've been trying to research for a YouTube video like yours that breaks down the stuff in this video. 👍 👩‍⚕️ The descriptions at 1:29 is insightful. Your lesson really is like the vids from this informative med student Dr Ethan. Ethan's tips are for sure helpful and I learned a lot for diet! He is a knowledgable Dr.

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  13. I was taking CBD with no effect for awhile. Then I actually started taking a healthy amount of it like at least 100mg at a time. Now I can say it DEFINITELY helps.

  14. I am an affiliate with Nuvita and have a Promo Code for a discount through their cite at NuvitaCBD.com
    Use code CBDHEALTH for a discount!

    CBD has so many benefits! It's just crucial to verify the purity before purchasing… if it's too cheap, it's probably not pure. After a lot of research, I found Nuvita CBD to be the best of the best. It's organic, pure, woman-owned, and donates profits. You can check their posted 3rd party lab tests to verify purity.

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