Industrial Hemp Potency Test Indoor Grow (Part 2)

A timelapse breakdown of my indoor grow of a second batch of industrial hemp seeds to send in for potency testing, this time with some very interesting results. Like the content? Then check out The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Creating CBD Products From Scratch guide at

Items I Used For This Grow:

Fabric Pot (My Favorite Brand):
Fox Farm Potting Soil (Highly Recommended for Hemp):
3’x3’x6′ Grow Tent:
Quiet 4′ Inline Fan:
200w Quantum Board Style Grow Light:
Bloom Fertilizer:
Pruning Snip:

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  1. This is so cool and I don't even know why i care lol. I've got some seeds from some hemp plants that grow wildly near me, but their genetics date back to when hemp was grown in the US during WWI for its fiber. The seeds fell off some trains back then and have been growing like weeds (pun intended) ever since lol. I would love to do something like this with them one day

  2. Whats the maximum reachable THC level in a fully grown hemp plant? There is no information about that on internet. Every where says 0.3 but thats just what government says, Not the hemp seeds😅.
    Please perform a test on this…

  3. Couple of things to add here. One if you wait for full maturity then most "hemp" will be hot. And when you have a field of 20+ thousand plants start testing a week after flowers form. Stay on top of what is going on in those plants. Or you could end up destroying all of you crop!!!!
    This is a tip given to me by my teacher who grows hemp.
    When your growing from seed the chances of having multiple phenotypes is pretty high. Especially with industrial hemp. The modern strains are just that modern, so variations in the genetics will show.
    I am growing bags seed lifter, special, legendary, suver, cherry wine and field harvested abacus. The abacus has more stability believe it or not. I have predominantly 2 phenotypes where as the lifter I have a huge mix. I have auto flowering, standard flowering, orange smell to skunk and fuel smelling plants. All from the same bag!!? The special sauce most are auto flowering and very short. Actually only one is not a auto. The legendary are all small bushy really fat leafed plants, these I believe need a totally different nutrients than the others leafs are curve and twisty. Never actually seen that before.

    Number 2 is the hemp strains (not all) but most are not very old. Haven't been back crossed enough generations down that uniformity is the only out come. Or it could be hat maybe all the bag seed I have gotten was wind polenated from other farms.

  4. I smoked some CBD flower (industrial) hemp and definitely felt high, which I didn’t mind. Any chance the THCa levels were high enough to produce a high?

  5. Yes i love the video.. So even though Seeds come from same strain, when 2 of same breed it makes a F2 and the genetics will be greatly diverse. Also the stress of getting nute burn and competing with other plant in same pot will contribute to higher THC value..

  6. Will you put a day counter on the time lapse? I love watching the time-lapse footage but I would like to know how many days in the plant is. Thanks for the awesome video

  7. Here's what you done wrong. Most bagged soils have alot of nitrogen, you've put this plant straight into flower so it never needed that nitrogen. Your buds were also bloomed for too Short, you want red trichomes. Also from what I heard industrial hemp(fiber) is only males, females have to be pulled.

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