Industrial Hemp Processing IHP

Processing hempfibers for later use within textiles. Depending on the fibers quality you have to use different techniques. Here we see the many steps it has to take to make it “silky smooth”. The infrastructure used here is based on the same for flax making linen. Its an intricate process from implementing, growing to handling the yield. If you don´t have the technique or the “economic infrastructure” to handle the raw material and a market to replace or combine the output youll end up, in best case, with a nice hobby and a smile on your face.


  1. I am looking for financing or contract for to produce hemp seeds , hurd , Bast Fiber , Microfiber , hemp fresh or green , CBD fraction , cbd oil and CBC , Δ9-THC, CBD , Δ8-THC , CBDA , CBDV , Δ9-THCA , CBG , CBGA , CBN , Δ9-THCV….. on an area of 16 up to 300 hectares ​and others industrials.

  2. NC Legislature just approved Hemp for growth and processing I am from Robeson county which is a Tier 1 economically distressed zone which has lots of tax credits and incentatives available for job creation. I access to over 200k sqft of industrial manufacturing space perfect for indoor growing along with solar power being installed. I have access to over 100 acres of farmland…advisors and investors needed

  3. so im curious. as an advocate i discuss the benefits of cannabis towards the environment because the benefits to the medical industry are widely becoming understood and are accepted. do you work at this factory or what and could you provide more videos about production of cannabis materials? ill be would love to try and make a video if i had more footage like this of various machines and whatnot. when we look at the environmental effects of cannabis, people should be rewarded for cultivating in the sun instead of locked in a cage.

  4. Dear @Hemphemphorray, thanks for this video. Could you tell me something more about innovation in the textile hemp process field? I really would like to get state of the art about technologies and recent researches.

  5. What sort of overheads are there involved in running the processing plant, and how much are machinery etc to ship to another country etc my email pm me if possible thank you.

  6. Well. The machines are old ones. Built during the communist era. They were built for processing flax. Then converted a bit to be able to process hemp. No major alterations. But if you want to set up a plant like this today and make it cost efficient. Its gonna cost you some heavy investment and you need to be sure there is a market for your end product. This place is in Poland and is part of an agricultural department in Poznan. So its more for experimentation and testing.

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