Introduction to hempcrete, hemp oil, hemp wood and more..

Hemp is finally legal in the States and it’s changing the building construction industry. In this video, I cover the most popular industrial hemp products: hempcrete which acts as both a construction and insulation material, hemp batt insulation, hemp oil, and hemp wood. The legalization of hemp has opened up new markets in the States and will hopefully lead the construction industry down a more eco-friendly path.

Take a look inside the world’s largest legal cannabis farm – BBC News:
Shi Farms Overview 2018:
Building with Hemp – An Incredible Natural Insulation & Sustainable Material:
Hemp houses could be greener, fire-resistant:
Building with hemp:
How to Use Hemp Oil to Seal Your Furniture | Country Chic Paint Hemp Oil:
Hemp Shield Wood Finish and Deck Sealer:
HempWood Ribbon Cutting:
KV by Vision:
Boost by Joakim Karud:
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  1. just came across your video and i love it. I think this is the perfect time if any to use hemp in construction to help mitigate climate change. we can cut down our co2 emissions but we also NEED to pull carbon out of the air in tandem. Hemp concrete can pull some of the carbon out while being used to infrastructure. i just have serious doubts the people in power are actually go to do something, and not just keep everything the way it is until they die, which is no longer their problem.

  2. You may want to add in the picture of hemp the Buds for high CBD hemp. While still being under .3% THC = industrial hemp . THC in regular marijuana doesnt start at 17%. Much lower actually.

  3. 17% – 30% is very high concentration of THC and I don't think 30% has ever been actually even achieved. Some companies have claimed they have something near that but have always been disproven when analyzed in a different lab. 15% THC is already quite sturdy, 5% to 10% is considered medium in Dutch companies.

  4. Hi Belinda, I would you be able to review HempBLOCK as a building product? Also, I would love to know your thoughts on Timbercrete? Thanks for all your information so far I find them very illuminating and interesting.

  5. ….Belinda Carr… I do SO wish you would bring your formidable analysis and educational skills to bear on the use of Hemp Bast in production of seriously less expensive graphene analog…. developed in Canada…. at University…. it shows great promise we are told tho it is difficult to obtain further elucidation…. as per that which you SO…. bring to bear….

  6. Belinda, can you change your use of the word Marijuana? Please use the word Cannabis, then its species, Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Indica, and Cannabis Ruderalis. William Randolph Hearst owned many newspapers that were responsible for publishing the countless lies about cannabis that spewed out of the racist mouth of Harry J. Anslinger. Hearst, Anslinger, and DuPont. They conspired to ban Cannabis because of their greed. Hearst's millions of acres of pulp forest were in jeopardy because of the invention of the Decordicator. Anslinger was out of a job due to the end of Prohibition. Dupont made the bleaching agent for newsprint. Calling Cannabis Marijuana is derogatory and disrespectful to everyone affected by Hearst's war on a plant for his profit.

  7. Do you think hempcrete is a good choice for internal insulation of a solid brick wall? Your latest videos about vapor permeability and air tightness didn’t mention it. Thank you!

  8. the cannabis with high THC; would the parts that they don't (want to) smoke, any good as well for oil etc? ,,, smokers just wants heads. Leaving us the rest of the plant.

  9. this was exactly what I was searching for and yes I do have a few other products that are produced with gennep but it's going to be a very long story writing you this then you can better ask me for your email address and I will send it to you

  10. Cannabis is Cannibis is cannabis, there are various strains but they are all flowering. Industrial hemp is just a strain evolved and crossbred to yield low thc (modern concerns) and long fibres (rope and fabric making – much older strains). Only in recent times has cannabis been bred to lower the THC values so as to not anger the anti drug idiots. The 2 major families of cannabis are Indica (asian / african /european ) usually higher CBD and lower THC, and Sativa (N and S american) Lower CBD and higher THC. Cannabis is cannabis is cannabis. Hemp is just another name for the same plant.

  11. I can't help but feel that this product is so relevant to our needs in the United States. We need this industry to fully get airborne in the next couple of years. This would be great for new homes in the west coast. Anybody rebuilding in those areas should be using this stuff.

  12. We use hemp shavings in our chicken coop roost area to absorb and help decompose the poop from our chickens. Our initial application has lasted 6 months now with just an occasional stir to mix it up. Still absolutely no smells produced! This stuff is amazing. We will probably put it in the compost pile in another six months and swap with a new batch.

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