Is CBD safe?

CBDs are cannabis-based products. While they don’t get you high, sales are soaring for various creams, patches and sprays containing chemical compounds found in marijuana and hemp. We ask Dr. Margaret Haney, Director of the Marijuana Research Laboratory at Columbia University Medical Center if they work and if they’re safe.

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  1. My personal view here.

    I'm 61. When I was in my 20's I tried several kinds of uppers and downers including weed. I managed to quit them all with the weed being the toughest. Alcohol became a real struggle. Fast forward…I am an alcoholic. I've been sober for a good many years. If it helps with epilepsy, wonderful. What I'm seeing here is that people seem to have a very big problem with being 100% clean and sober from any mind/mood-altering drug. At the beginning of my sobriety I was told by a psychologist that I was clinically depressed. They put me on antidepressants. About 2 weeks later I found out that being on antidepressants would temporarily disqualify me from qualifying for my aviation medical card. It was at that moment I decided that I was not going to let that happen. I threw away the pills and learned after a while that being happy/content/satisfied or whatever word you choose to use is simply a choice. I haven't looked back.

    I love learning by reading, watching, and listening. To me, learning and being 100% free from any mind-altering chemicals are gifts from God. Human beings will go to great lengths to try and prove that they are smarter than God. One of the great truths in this life is that life is tough! Many people go to their graves with the word victim stamped on their heads. They never accepted this great truth and missed out on so much that life had to offer. Those that truly accept this fact without chemicals have learned how to excel at life despite the fact that life is tough.

  2. I took CBD just two days 5% and I felt a little dizzy, I read book everyday and I found I don't enjoy book after taking CBD, my emotional connection with book with story in this book is without emotions. I didn't read book with passion as one day ago. CBD make you narenit connect with reality and not improve your focus. CBD make you sleep better but next day you feel tired with no anxiety but also no energy. The worse think for me was that be ok which I read make me tired when I read it during CBD, I felt each side of book is challenge and each I didn't focus on entire story as well as without CBD, it was wired feeling like I am not care about reading book just I am care about nothing. I think CBD is not good for people who go to school or want pass any exams because your focus is not as good as should be. I don't believe in advertising that CBD improve memory or focus. CBD make just you are more like in dream and can give you dizziness or light headedness.

  3. Cbd from "marijuana" is stiil schedule one. Cbd from hemp is totally legal per farm bill 2018. Its a small thing, but it can land you in a whole lot of trouble if you ignore that fact.

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