Is Hemp Clothing Any Good?

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There’s been an increase in hemp clothing production (for its sustainability and due to some recent legal changes).

So, we’re doing a deep dive on hemp — some history, some info on how it’s farmed, and what it’s properties are as a fabric for clothing.

Introduction: (0:00)
History of hemp: (0:25)
Industrial vs recreational cannabis: (1:15)
Hemp is like linen: (2:53)
Quick list of properties: (4:40)
Agricultural properties and sustainability: (6:39)
Jungmaven Baja t-shirt: (8:45)
Dress for earth hemp pants: (10:57)



  1. I have some hemps socks..they are a little scratchy…I also have hemp jeans that really could use an addition of another fiber for stretch. They are way too stiff and uncomfortable to wear.

  2. I like that there are new options. I recently read that cotton has maxed out and now hemp and linnen are on the march forward, and maybe lyocell even though mostly industrial users, not many end users, don't know if you know that. It is like viscose made from wood but less chemicals, it is supposed to have great anti bacterial properties and dries really quickly. Cotton uses tons of water so it is cool that people switch over to other things.

    You are much closer and easier to understand during the voice over parts.
    I would have liked a link to the Eu Environmental thingy, I gotta go look that up myself now :D.
    Moving a little away from the wall and putting some stupid highlights would give you the youtube look. Not that anyone wants that. Right now the light falls unfavorably on the wall for an all white look. Current lighting pro it makes a shadow to wander too in absence of cuts etc, con it stands out. Not necessarily bad but out of expectations.

  3. Thank you! Glad that a private company is thinking about how to capitalize on sustainable textiles. Much of the concern about cotton is due to water. How does hemp compare to linen and cotton in this regard?

  4. If you wash the shit out of it or in my case 10 washes really helped my linen. When I buy stuff like that hemp or anything for that matter hard or rough. I take it to the laundromat and wash dry it 6 to 10 runs or less till it feels a little nicer on my face. Which i realize thats probably unrealistic on a industrial scale and location but that is all I find that helps. Oh and alot of softener or whatever the wife buys.

  5. The information is this video is very useful and impressive but the mumbling and more importantly the overpowering music track brought the quality way down. Consider not using an music score for informational videos. Good to see companies looking to use sustainable materials and doing proper research as well.

  6. Hello please can you talk about organic. Because I don't believe organic is better or less toxic. In fact it can mean more crops die and a waste of resources. Please can you research and let us know if this is true

  7. I think it's naive to say the politicians who banned hemp simply "didn't know the difference". They may say and do stupid things but they know EXACTLY what they're doing.

  8. I just bought the same Dress for Earth pants on etsy, hasnt arrived yet, but now Im regretting my order for the "constantly noticeable lack of flexibility"…. crap. 😐

  9. What's your thoughts on blends? Is it not impossible to recycle fibres that have been blended, therefore undo the benefit of more sustainable raw fibres? Eg. Your hemp/cotton blend t-shirt.

  10. Hemp is great for certain regions that can't grow crops like cotton. Here in Kentucky the tobacco industry is declining rapidly due to the reduction in smokers today. It would be relatively easy to transition these farms from tobacco to hemp since they are crops that can grow in similar climates and soils. Cotton meanwhile cant survive here. I think it may not become the next big thing in clothing but it has its uses in fabrics that aren't meant to be cozy soft or in natural rope making

  11. Why buy hemp when i can buy linen, linen is under utilised as is, needs to be produced in heavier weave and uses and sweatshirts etc instead of just tees shirts and suiting.

  12. First off, thanks for all these informational videos! (I stumbled upon your channel while trying to find out what lyocell is).
    Also thanks for fixing the issue with international viewing (I think? I watch from Copenhagen and for a while there I was blocked from watching your vids due to location restriction)

    I have a hemp (Hoodlamb) winter jacket that I love dearly, and which has lasted me many years already. It's actually my second, as I bought another after finally wearing out the first one. They're not cheap, but it's just perfect. 🙂

  13. For me certified hemp would be a hard sell if the price is more than 10% the equivalent certified product in linen. Just my opinion, based on observing my own past purchase decisions. If it is more expensive it would need to have some other quality, like US made, or fair trade… I’m curious if others have similar opinions.

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