Joe Rogan On CBD | The Smokebox

Comedian Joe Rogan put s a quick word on the benefits and misconceptions of CBD.

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  1. I salute Joe 👌

    He stepped into BReals world of smoke. He held his own as much as he could without being rude.

  2. I have used Weedborn CBD products and have healed without any problems. Now my whole family is healthy.

  3. Damn! I mean Damn!
    Anyone who can tell what joe is going through right there?
    You been there. Seriously.
    He dont even know how to look straight right at the moment.
    Only person Who dont know? Is joe.
    Joe, dont, know… lol.
    He knows now, ka-pow! that's for sure.
    Ya know hes trying real hard to not spill the bong water, cause it smells like shit on the carpet.
    But theres no bong!!!!

  4. Joe looks High AF! 🪁
    Looks like he’s trying to fight it. Joe needed to get out and get some fresh air lol 😆

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  7. lulz @ BREAL's face lighting that knowing he's about to obliterate Rogans face with this 😂🤣

  8. What do you call a stoner with two spliffs? Double-jointed

    hahahah… good stuff guys – love the vid

  9. Makes me wonder has Joe really ever smoked real weed on the podcast… This is the result when white boy smokes with 2 OG Hispanics 😂

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