Legalizing industrial hemp- Reasons why

Promo Video featuring excerpts from “Hempsters- Plant the seed”- A documentary film about the struggle to legalize industrial hemp in the US- featuring Woody Harrelson, Ralph Nader, Julia Butterfly Hill, Gatewood Galbraith, Craig Lee. Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, Donna Cockrell and others. The DVD of Hempsters plant the seed will be available June 28th, 2011 at


  1. Where is Woody? Woody Harrelson… Alaska needs you now!! We vote to make it legal Nov 4 , if your not Woody and your reading this, keep sending it to someone and lets see if he gets my message … Where is Woody?

  2. Woody,    I would hope that you will support  Michael Finestein for city council  –  He will be bringing up the fact that HEMP would be the cure for America, with the industry that is 30 Trillion dollars.   It could save our planet and possibly we could take back our country – it will take diligence  in that this government who is trying to kill 90% of people with Chem Trails, GMO'S and mind control.   America is finished if we don't have a revolution!     Thank you,  Darlene Gaudas' Santa Monica CA  

  3. The petroleum industry is the reason why pot is illegal. Better fuel, better paper, better medicine, better politicians, stronger plastics, everything oil can make only better. And it won't kill you like carbon dioxide will.

  4. Hemp wood fibre is a green solar renewable energy source, that creates Oxygen, decreased Carbon Dioxide and the fibrous material which is created with solar power from the sun can be burned in a power boiler which turns a generator with steam piping, has the smoke from the furnace directed into an Electro Precipitator (magnetizes smoke from fire into solid ions on 100,000 volt electrical plate's +/- to create dregs – came from the soil just dilute with fresh sand and put back), created

  5. Amazing product, food -medicine- clothes- fuel -anti cancer, the powers that be won't have a product available to us that will impact the bottom line that crappy alternatives that companies like pharmacies and Monsatan make.

  6. Marijuana is racist slang for cannabis, and cannabis is hemp. We call it hemp when we refer to its industrial uses. (Cannabis Sativa) was the most commonly used.

  7. fields, so the cure we need is abondend 😉
    really, how dare they go against those who grow herbs themselves.
    those mad psychopathic politians (corporate pupets or worse)

  8. just, as u might be interested i heard, that in the studies regarding smoking hemp, they pushed so much smoke in the animals to create braindamage based upon the lack of oxygen and despide the restlessness of burning this wonderful plant, there is still no negative connection with lungproblems and if any is seen it was positive and if u know what burning does to hemp, it shows the amazing power of hemp.
    we need the purest and strongest sorts of hemp out there also in our cash crop hemps

  9. all of this is off topic.. why do these people want to do so much good? how can a person tell someone not to do something natural.. people are so dumb

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