My First Time Smoking a CBD Cigarette

this is my first time smoking a cbd cigarette. just kidding, i have had them before, but it’s been quite a long time if i do say so myself. luckily, i still enjoy them quite a bit. these cbd cigarettes are definitely something i plan on smoking again in the future!

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  1. I smoked it a couple of times recently. Smells like a mixture of weed and sage, but I feel nothing at all 😅

  2. Last night I vaped cbd liquid and I'll be completely honest with ya, I got feeling similar to being stoned I took large dose tho like 150mg CBD, is this normal? I was feeling like lying on clouds 😂 after that I had side effects like anxiety , paronia, dry mouth, red eyes also confused thought's and short memory iasues I thought I had gone crazy ya know what I'm saying

  3. I have tried cigarettes at my dreams but at real life no and i don't wanna it's not healthy please take care of yourself don't destroy yourself stay healthy 🤍

  4. Well my first cig tasted weird as hell and I quit vape or juul for this i don't rember but it either was a marbello red or camel crush

  5. I can't tell if he was sarcastic when he said "yeah I definitely never smoked a cbd cigarette"🤣💀

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