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  1. You say tht Hemp will be more used as the price goes down? Is that not bad for the growers in a way? Less money being made? Or that just means more demand which is a great thing as well..

  2. About the made in china. The main reason its cheaper is bc the don't have labor laws an keep people working for cents per hr. So most business owners need to just admit they take advantage of other people's missery in China to make a better profit.

  3. Hemp concrete is a falacy Hemp is used as a filler in between structural parts , calling it concrete is not gonna work. I love it but it’s not capable of being structural it only acts as an insulator but a good one at that.

  4. Hemp, Cañamo in Spanish is a millenary plant. Henry Ford built a car which most of his parts were made out of hemp, and also it Runs on help biofuel. The conspiracy theory says that Rockefeller made sure to discredit it, in the pursue of petroleum-based industries.

  5. Like many people I was taught that hemp is bad. One day I ran into a video of Henry Ford's hemp car and how virtually is indestructible. That video lead me to many other educational and informative information and the propaganda machine against it.
    How can someone like myself that never farm anything before get started ?

  6. My partner and I moved to France, two months ago, with the aim of to building our own house. He has been interested in building from sustainable materials (particularly straw bales) for years. Hempcrete has come into our radar since being here. Like you, I have started to discover that it has many more ecological applications so now we’re thinking about whether to farm it. It’s a scary thought because I’m an artist and he’s an engineer. We have no experience with growing anything. I joke about being the least green-fingered person I know. The opportunities appear to be immense, though. I’m glad that I found your videos.

  7. Hello …i believe I the possibilities of this crop…am from the Eastern part of Uganda we are originally sugarcane Farmers but the prices are in freefall so am hoping to move in the Hemp direction

  8. I'm planning on starting my own hemp-based plastic business and this is where I'm starting with my research I've already got a friend to is willing to use my Plastics in her vegan business. Weed is legal in Canada so it should not be hard to get a permit to grow hemp

  9. Why do people keep trying to separate hemp from Cannabis. Cannabis is the plant and hemp and marijuana are versions of Cannabis. Every time I see someone do this, it makes me skeptical about the rest of their content.

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