Niche Farming: Growing Microgreens on Hemp Pads

I’m trying out some Hemp Pads for growing microgreens instead of a traditional soilless mix. I can deliver a “living” tray to them so they can cut themselves.

To see what equipment I use you can click on the link to my Kit page. If you purchase items from the links (no extra charges for you) it helps me out so I can make more videos!


  1. @jewell How do you like the hemp pads? We are using soil for the same reason in hydro NFT's but the soil causes the nut solution to foul weekly and need to dump. Also where did you get those pads? I would like to try them.

  2. Nice video! Thanks so much for sharing your experiences and expertise! Great tips – you suggested watering from the bottom – do you keep the water under, all the time? do you flood the bottom once a day (twice a day) and then pour out extra water in bottom tray each time? How long are you keeping lights on? I just found porous trays with a wide screen (looks like "lattice") botto that allows more air flow under the fiber medium; hope they help but i'm confused on watering – just starting out and thank you , in advance, for all your tips and info! Good luck in your endeavors!

  3. Watch my channel for growing microgreens on burlap- 30 cents a tray, biodegradable. I'm using 1 tablespoon for small seeds and 3/4 cup for sunflowers, 1/2 cup for peas. Supplement with weak hydroponic food.

  4. Thanks for sharing! It was great content created I appreciate your service and the cool growing experiments! This helped me clear up some things about growing indoors. Keep up practice!

  5. No need for hemp or soil go check out Brents work. Revolutionary in growing greens. He has done several vids on growing with out soil or medium. I dont use humidty domes like him I do my starting a bit different with the sunflowers. Your greens look good though. An there are ways to decrease production time 🙂 Also check out Brents anti-mold formula

  6. Great vid! (Actually some of your mannerisms reminded me of my own … cracked me up!). Can you tell us your Colorado hemp mat source? I’m in CO and I’d love to buy locally if possible. Thanks! 🙂 ~Karen

  7. I am not a grower, but I think the issue with leggy sprouts is due to the color (i.e., spectrum) of your LED lamps. Contact your state ag extension agent and ask what color temperature(s) are appropriate for germination and growth stages. LED lights are rated in terms of "color temperature" and you will see specifications like 2000K, 3500K, 5000K and 6500K. This translates to terms like "cool white" and "white". Finding a source on the internet about current LED technology was hard, so I found this old resource: and your ag agent will fill in the rest. Love your videos. Too old to do it myself, but love to watch others trying/succeeding. Oh, by the way, I don't think fancy grow lights are an issue, just use what your ag agent suggests. And, LEDs have an effective lifetime, their output decreases over time and LED manufacturers will have this info available (on the order of 1-2 years per bulb used to be common).

  8. Awesome video, thanks so much!! It's great to see you are trying hemp pads for your microgreens 🙂 I have just started growing my own microgreens at home as well and I use the Terrafibre brand. They do hemp mats and I buy them really cheap on Amazon! I would definitely recommend this brand. Happy growing!

  9. Hey Jewell, cool videos. I found you over on Meyer's Mushrooms, I'm thinking about doing some of the same things as you so I appreciate the videos. Might want to check out Curtis Stone's stuff on youtube for some good ideas on how to amp up production a bit. Also, True Leaf Market, Albert Lea Seed House, etc. might be better options for your seed purchasing. I buy a lot of seed from Johnny's for my market garden but their microgreen seeds seem to be way overpriced. Keep the videos coming.

  10. Congratulations on ur 1st microgreens! Aaah dagnammit, nevermind, disregard 😂😂😂 Sry but I had to say it lol.
    Re ur Basil, would it be worth trying to sit an upturned tray over the top to only allow dappled light in through the drainage holes which should theoretically make the basil grow taller quicker as it searches for the light?
    Just a thought…
    Another great video, waiting for the next installment 😉

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