Our Hemp Field!!

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We are a family farm located in west central Minnesota. est. 1918
We enjoy to share our part in agricultural with you and show our followers the ups and downs of farming. I hope you enjoy our videos and please don’t forget to subscribe.

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  1. Southern states are very dry lately. There is no action until rain came. We did dust our wheat in hoping for a good rain. Well the rain came. I'm sure it was a result of the Saints prayers. Farming , Ranching could never be successful without Saints praying for us and with us.

  2. Boy, I can remember when it was like wrestling a 16 foot gator to get Dougo to say anything on camera and now he's a Mile a minute yackfest.
    I like the new Dougo, he's a hoot.
    Larson Farms is the only farm channel I watch every episode.

  3. Thanks for another great video.

    It was great to hear Dougo tell stories about the big old red truck. Sounds like he had some good ones.
    I had not seen an old cab over like that for many many years. I can see why Dougo wants to keep it. Nice old truck yet with good memories.

    Those plastic liners you put in the combine augers is a really good idea. Another great idea from that company.
    And the plastic guides you put on the header snoops. That company has some great ideas. Let’s see how they do at combine time.

    You all take care and be safe.
    Looking forward to the next video.
    Thanks for everything Chet.
    The Iowa farm boy.

  4. And the beat goes on and on and on and on………..just like the songs the work just stands in line waiting for seasonal maintenance. LOL Gotta love it however. Thank God for our farmers in our USA and world wide.
    Blessings guys, have a great weekend!

  5. I don't know whether you know what mayflies are or not grandpa and I were working late one night and I bought a new tractor that had a cab first one we ever had of course grandpa is going to try that one. We are working and my tractor broke down so grandpa stops his tractor to come over and help me work on my tractor and he gets out and leaves the door open. The new tractor had an interior light in it that we call a dome light and when he went back to get in his tractor it had so many mayflies in it that he couldn't get to the seat. Mayflies don't live very long at all just a few hours if that long so we went home and came out the next day and that brand-new tractor had mayflies in it about six or 8 inches deep we had to shovel them out.

  6. love watching your channel. even the negative situations bring out the positivity that you run your farm with and how you all manage day to day on a farm.

  7. Thanks for taking us along with y’all Dougo good job on the camera and your explanation of the work you were doing. Always great content good time and fun times while y’all work great family god bless

  8. Chet how do you keep toby and the farm cats out of the anti freeze thought it had a sweet smell and taste that animals were really drawn to. i get that you have lots of other chemicals that are more dangerous

  9. Hi guys my name is Richard Donovan and I live in Australia gold Coast QLD and you guys need a truck and tractor shed so you can prevent your tractor and truck from getting storm damage

  10. So I have a question, have you guys ever grown winter wheat or your unplanted acres? And does that water hemp give you some nitrogen?? Love how you guys just smile and keep going.

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