Processing Hemp Fibers – Combing Spinning

Traditional textile artisan Vladimir Andrei from Bârlad, Vaslui County, Romania, demonstrates old methods of manually processing hemp fibers at home: combing hemp fibers by use of heckles, dressing the distaff and spinning hemp the traditional way.
If you haven’t heard his story, you will be surprised to know that this young man does everything manually: knitting, loom weaving, preparation and hand spinning hemp fibers and wool.
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Location: Vaslui County, Moldova, Romania
Sound: Jay Man – “Comedy Silent Movie”
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  1. See how skinny this dude is, they told him that he can’t have his own beard unless he makes it himself from scratch. You burn a lot of calories that way.

  2. Parcă mi-a încălzit sufletul sa vad ca se mai păstrează obiceiurile astea in Romania

  3. my grandmother has only told me stories about doing this in Bulgaria over 50 years ago. now it's illegal.

  4. I have the best land in Costa Rica for this industry, either for sale, to rent or to develop projects with you, several of these are located in the blue zone of the planet, they have the best water and climate in the world. Here they legalized cane or cbd a few days ago that is why I am offering these services. I also have my neighbors and fellow farmers from other areas interested. In this country you can cultivate all year round regardless of the season, that is something very important that almost I forget.7

  5. Can someone pls tell me the tools that are used!! Specifically one he uses after he combs the hair. The one used to spiral the fibers.

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  7. Can I do this with Cannabis wood after it dries? I want to make filters out of them, is it feasable?

  8. We have had one of those spiky things sitting on the shelf at my moms for years!!! I always wondered what it was for! My mom uses it to hold her recipe cards lol I told her that cant be what it is for lol I KNEW there was some unknown use for it!!! Now I know AND i also have some hemp stalks dried out that i was wondering how i was going to see how to make it into fiber.. hmm YouTube is amazing..😏

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