Rediscovering Hemp #1: H is for HEMP

How can industrial hemp contribute to a more sustainable future? Book launch of Maren Krings with after talk.

Industrial hemp has seen a steady rediscovery in past decades. Are we experiencing a breakthrough moment for this extremely versatile and sustainable crop? It needs little water, no pesticides, yet absorbs large amounts of carbon dioxide during growth, provides housing, medicine, textiles and jobs. Can hemp contribute to a system reset? German photographer and climate impact storyteller Maren Krings set out on a six-year journey to examine how hemp can help create circular economies. Krings has photographed more than 200 projects in 26 countries on four continents and interviewed more than 80 industry experts. This evening she will present her publication ‘H is for HEMP’, which shows how various industries have changed to more sustainable versions already to set the starting point for a conversation with an expert panel on this topic.

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