Rust – Hemp Farm Starter Base – Easy Scrap!

Guide on setting up your first hemp farm starter base

Comprehensive Genetics and Crossbreeding Guide –

0:00 Intro
0:15 Benefits of a Hemp Farm
0:45 What this Base Earns
1:07 Requirements
1:56 Electronics Explained
2:55 Water Explained
4:41 Resource Costs
5:50 Base Structure
6:25 Base Setup
10:07 Planting and Genetics
11:25 Outro

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  1. Does the amount of light you have impact the growth on the hemp? For example if you didn't have windows would it be slower or the same growth rate as if you did have windows?

  2. I would do a 2×3 of planters with 2 lights and 2 sprinklers. The lights in the middle corners of the 2 edge planter boxes will cover all 6 planter boxes. Then the sprinklers go a little further inward and will spread out and hit all 6 boxes. That allows you to section off the middle of it and can put a heater in the middle if you wish as well. I Tamura77 shows a great example of setting that up. Well worth the extra 1600~ stone creating the base to allow 50% more production IMO.

  3. About the sun in rust, idk if it changed since its been while since i played, but it used to move from left to right roughly in the center of your map, so if you build in the south, have your solar pannel point north and if you build in the northern part of the map have them facing south for maximum power generation.

  4. Thats not a good setup you can run 9 large planters on the stuff you use for 4.,,. i run a 3×3 farm on 4 light's and 4 sprinkler's on 1 pump 2 solarpanel's and ( 1 large/medium ) or 2 small batterys. Make sure you branch of the power into the pump or it will comsume more power for som reason, The power req for 4 lights and 1 pump is only 13 power. i dont even go and sell in bandit camp anymore, i find it easyer makeing a shop for selling cloth 1000cloth for 80 scrap / 20 hqm and what ever comp's i need or even metal ore erly wipe. With a 3×3 thats got 2 floors you can make +2000 scrap aday and never leav the farm 😀 if youd like i can make a video tour of my farm or com and se it your self ( we are currently on the reddit monthly eu server )

  5. Since they added a cooldown to sales at bandit I think smaller farms like this are the way to go. If you're a solo you can also live out of it. Getting started on a BP wipe I like to use jerry cans so I can get started right away, and get the pump/sprinklers going when I find/afford them.

    I'm also a fan of getting a smaller base going right outside bandit, and then bringing in water from bandit and running it through the powered water purifier. You lose half your water, and have to invest a little more time, but also the pros are not having to contest a coveted fresh water source, and it's not an obvious raid target like other large scale hemp farms.

    To get going I also prefer planting seeds to see what you get, and saving anything that's at least has GGYY for 4 of the six traits and then using those until you're able to find/breed better traits. GGYY isn't the best, but it's good to get going.

    Since you get seeds back from food I don't bother setting up genetics for those. Just save your seeds and replant.

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