Should I take CBD oil for my anxiety? BBC Stories

Natalie, who has bought a bottle of Cannabidiol (CBD) oil online, has a few questions she wants answering before she decides whether to take it. On this journey Natalie meets a hemp farmer, a scientist and tests the product at a laboratory.

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We BBC Stories, are a group of journalists making films, long and short, with the younger audience (18-24) in mind. The idea is to tackle issues which concern and impact this group of people. So think about anything from race and identity to mental health, money and much more.


  1. Take benzodiazepine (like serax) or beer (double ipa). I'm an anxious guy and cbd do nothing. Try what I suggest ! Try and you will see. CBD is not a drug but it do nothing (for me). The problem we live in a mad world (like the Gary Jules' and "Tears for fears" song. The stress and anxiety raise pain.

  2. I just tried it today, throughout the day I was very moody and irritable. I decided to go to my local health shop and decided to give it a try.Fast forward to this evening, I feel so relaxed and at ease. I haven’t felt this much as ease in FOREVER

  3. Looks like CBD Oil is today’s Snake Oil. Apparently cannabis and all of its derivatives are the cure for everything now.
    Have acne? cannabis
    Covid? cannabis
    Anxiety? cannabis
    Joint pain? cannabis
    A few spare minutes you need to fill? cannabis

    All without any real research.

  4. For long time i have taked medicals for my panic attacks and anxiety but they not worked so good and changed my doc and he say to try some CBD products and prescript me some CBD oil i start taked them for 3 months ago and my life changed alot i recommend CBD products to buy from instagram @cbd.gummy

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  6. 🌱 Really interesting video! Ensure that you choose a company that can provide official lab reports is a must. Always go for Pure Organic CBD Oil in the UK. It's especially important that no inorganic/synthetic fertilisers get used during the growth process as the hemp/cannabis plant absorbs a lot of compounds that are present in the surrounding soil.
    You can be assured our products are Pure, Organic and content high-quality CBD-content and abide by the UK legal limits of THC %. 🌱

  7. I have used cbd for anxiety and pain relief for a long time but it is definitely quite costly over time. My advice to anybody looking would be to find the best price per mg and ensure their are lab certificates and also trusted reviews of the company. The go to of choice IMO is – they have a discounts page where they updated discount codes regularly and you can find brands such as CBDfx and Orange County

  8. I loved your content a lot. I've been trying to research for video that educates everything in this vid!Your lesson totally is like the videos from this awesome medical student Dr. Ethan! Dr Ethan's tips are useful and I learned a lot for midterms. He is an educational med student in Europe and he teaches vaccines and vaccines.

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  9. Before you purchase any CBD product….always check the Certificate of Analysis (COA) first✔. Any reputable CBD company will be able to provide a lab report for their products.

    Don't just check for a potency test (CBD, THC etc), has it passed a heavy metals test? a pesticide test? a microbials test? mycotoxins test? residual solvents test?

    If you are taking CBD oil for health reasons, then you need to be sure it's clean and safe to consume 👍.

  10. She should brush her damn teeth and close her mouth cuz her chin is receding into the back of her head, maybe that would help with her anxiety and what not.

  11. do u want no axiety anymore,,,,,stop using the damn phone,,,that radiation of the screen 37000wat it heats the brain and blocks gama transitters and lowers the seratonin,,,,,and make the brain so stress than the brain gives up working properly and sending your body wrong singals like physical axiety sad emotions and heart beats go up,,,,,,,stop the sugar 80 percent and walk 4 days a week at least 30 min in fast way,,,,use the phone 30 min to max 1 hours a day,,,and use regular laptop to do ur homerwork and connect ur social media,,,,,uv blockers glasses help the uv screen radiation to go on ur brain thru ur eyes,,,,,i guaranty 90 percent u do this ur axiety and depresion will go away,,,,,,and take cbd thc free like 900 to 1300mg power and take it in morning 2 to 3 drops and night for 2 months than stop it for couple week and see how u feel…..ur phone is ur invisible enemy for ur brain and neurones on ur brain,,,,STOP IT

  12. She is like "I have anxiety and depression, and I take chemicals that screw me up even more, and no I won't take this natural product that can fix that all and make me healthier"

    Good luck!

  13. I didn't know I had anxiety until I took CBD oil…. I was like "whats going on here I don't have that worried feeling in my stomach anymore" it was that obvious.

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