Smoking a CBD Hemp Cigarette – Review

Today I’m smoking a CBD Hemp/Weed Cigarette, bought for $9 at a smoke shop! Overall an ok cigarette, draw is a bit too much for my taste, but still decent enough.


Link to my Zippo:
Link to Butane Insert:
Link to my Tripod:

I do not encourage or condone the use of tobacco or tobacco products.


  1. I ordered wild hemp CBD cigarettes this week and they will be here on Monday. I will be smoking with you next week. I can't wait.

  2. $9.50?? This is my first time trying anything and I ordered Redwood Reserves for like $17 (that's with 15% off and shipping). I have no idea how much they are supposed to cost

  3. Man I love watching ur videos and just sitting on my roof and smoke and just relate and enjoy life with you man, you should be way bigger than you are ur so entertaining and so relatable

  4. I would imagine the popping sound you hear is maybe a little moisture inside that's just evaporating and escaping, but it could be seeds idk. If someone already answered in comments I guess I didn't find it lmao.

  5. Would you ever do a review on a blunt like a backwood or a raw blunt,ps you can smoke it as it is no weed tho.

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